Monday, July 10, 2006

What's Next

1. Bag ready for water park.
Check. I wonder what the weather is going to be.

2. Baseball shoes in car for practice Monday night.

3. Workout clothes packed.
Oops, forgot.

4. Paint.
First coat done.

5 Catch up on e-mails.
Well, most of them.

5. Read my blogroll.
There were so many posts this weekend!

6. Write a new post.
What will be my topic? I only have 3 drafts going.

7. Look for some products on e-bay.
Should I write my post first?

8. Research making own pinata?
Tomorrow. Any suggestions?

9. Get returns ready.

10. Set alarm.
Don't need to-that's what a kid is for.

Okay, so I have been scrambling like crazy after my little man went to bed. Now it is 1:10 Monday morning and I still want to read some of my book.

Hannelie included me in one of her post, so go visit her down under. Send her some love.

On Saturday, the t-ball game went well and hopefully my little man gave a great smile for pictures. Later in the day we went and saw Pirates of the Carribbean with granny. I enjoyed it. I just love Johnny Depp. We did some shopping for my little guys party. I had already been looking for information on the Internet getting pirate ideas. I have decided on the games as well as what is needed. I will share things with you as they are created.

I need to get some water, a load of clothes in the washer, check out e-bay and oh, I forgot, Hobby Lobby. Then I can relax and read.



Hannelie said...

Oh ah - I'm first :)
When's the actuall b'day again, I'll let you know if any ideas comes up.
Speaking of court cases, I am smack in the middle of one too, I have posted it before by current hubby suggested not to a good idea, ex might use it against me in court, it's a custody battle!
Thanks for mentioning me, I had so much fun with that post..and then I ran out of ideas again. *sigh*
Hope you got enough rest in....see ya.....

Sicilian said...

Fly girl . . . it is me who stole your clock. . . I love it. . . but now I new remedial help with the blog roller thing. . . somehow I haven't figured out how to do it.
Love the way your posting stuff. .. I stole that idea too.

Sue said...

No 4. Is that nails or walls?

Eduardo said...

What a shocker, 'flygirl. *All* chicks love J. Depp. He seems kinda greasy to me, especially in the context of this particular character so I don't really get it. Maybe I'm just a "player hater".

sirreene said...

Well Pirates HAD to be more interesting than Superman (boring!)~ you do have a lot to do for someone who is not working!

Tab said...

Pinatas rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Do you have any plans to take a vacation on your vacation?
Do you have any plans to relax over your holidays?Do you have your own Hameck?While shopping for your little mans party ,buy yourself something to celebrate all of your hard work.
You are really doing a great job on your own it sounds like :)
Don't forget about balancing it with little butterflygirls time ..heheheh
you can sneak some pinata candy for yourself...!
Thanks for sharing ~

Diego said...

busy schedule.....looks like you are having fun.....Enjoy....God bless.

Number Twelve said...

Yah, hey... what are you painting??? Now I'm dying of curiosity! Did you tell me and I forget???

Askinstoo said...

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Sober Chick said...

What a excellent theme -- Johny Depp is amazing in these movies, he is such a character and so artistic.

A Pinata, that is too cool. I have no idea how to make one :( Can't wait to see the pics, I know you'll take many. The big 5, that is a great age to be a kid.

Hliza said...

Do post some photos of your pirate party when you have it done. I love to see your work and I love birthday parties!

Da Gal said...

flygirl - I think you could make a pirate's treasure chest pinata real easily. I love making pinatas. If you want some instructions, leave me a comment or email me so I don't take up a whole ginormous space here in your comment section.

I love reading about your adventures. It soundslike being a mom brings you such great joy!