Friday, July 7, 2006

Before Summer Ends

Usually once the 4th of July passes, summer seems to come to a end real fast. That means going back to school is just around the corner. Yikes!

Before going back to work, I need to plan and hold my little man's 5th birthday party. I've got some ideas going around in my head. The theme will be Pirates of the Caribbean. Thanks to all the movie hype, McDonald's happy meals, and toys out in the stores, we can skip doing another Star Wars party. Captain Jack Sparrow beat out Darth Vader.

My little man has a day camp for two weeks. He will be integrated with children who have cerebral palsy. The Y received a special grant for this project. They are doing this camp in lieu of the twice a week camp they normally conduct for pre-schoolers.

We both have doctor's visits we need to tend to. My little guy to the ENT as well as the Optomolgist. Me to the Cardiologist.

A court date is coming up for arrearage of child support. That should be fun. So I need to meet with my attorney soon.

This on top of all the normal things we do...the library, feeding the ducks, t-ball, play-dates, water park, swimming lessons, etc.

Enjoy your weekend...



Hliza said...

Hello butterfly girl,

Thanks for coming over to my blog. Looks like you have a lot to do this weekend. Hope both of you have a jolly good time together..

Sue said...

Oh No, don't say summer is on its way out - most of our kids over here haven't even broken up from school yet!

Hope your little man enjoys the day camp!

And best wishes for your doctors appointments - hope you are both well.

Have a lovely weekend!

Sicilian said...

Fly girl. . . . I reminisce as I read about your summer. . . I too still try to get that teenager into all the docs during the summer. . . only now . . . I say. . . 6 weeks til she's at college. . . whewwwwwwwwww kindergarten is like yesterday.
I hope ya'll get great reports from the docs.

Bar Bar A said...

Sounds like it will be a fun party. How funny, my 4 year old nephew is totally into Darth Vader (I am his Princess Leia which I feel is an honor).

Summer still has a ways to go! Enjoy each precious moment with the little man.

Good luck with the court date. Keep us posted.

SJ said...

Hope you have/had a great time.

Eduardo said...

Yeah, good luck with the court date. In my experience the whole child support issue is one comedy of errors.

Tab said...

you a busy girl..!

Lacey said...

Glad you're having a fun summer! Enjoy it while you can!

DayByDay4-2Day said...

oooh my little guy turned 18 today. I've seen him for 5 minutes when he stopped in for Cake!

I miss those parties.

cjaye said...

Please don't mention going back to work,'s way too soon to start thinking about that, right?