Thursday, July 6, 2006

Life as a Journey

Life as a journey, what does it hold?
Is it love, happiness, or learning to be bold?
Life as a journey, why does it begin?
In any situation or circumstance when you let God in.
Life as a journey, who accompanies us in our ways?
A person for a reason, a season, or a lifetime they say.
Life as a journey, when does it end?
Through trials and tribulations in which we mend.
Life as a journey, where does it lead?
The past, the present, and the future indeed.
Life as a journey, how is it real?
Lessons we are given so that we become aware of the deal.

I look at the journeys I have gone through in my life. Why they happened, when they happened, and what I got out of them. It really is amazing.
How about you?


Hannelie said...

So true. Mine lead me to being married young, having kids, immigration, divorce, single mum, married again, mum again, careers and all such. What a lovely poem, I wonder many times why things happen the way the do?

Bar Bar A said...

Yes, it is amazing. Lots of heartache and pain in my life, but lots of joy too from being a mom to my "baby" who now towers above me but still lets me snuggle him :)

Frema said...

I reflect a lot on where I've been, too, which is my problem, I think. I need to live more in the now.

Tiffanie said...

Yes, it really is amazing. That was a beautiful poem. Thanks.

Sue said...

That's a lovely poem and quite thought-provoking. It has many meanings on many different levels - I think its about the meaning of life, something I often wonder about. LOL, sorry for taking it to a deeper level - may blog about it another time.

Tab said...

ya amazing is a good way to put it.

I love that you share your light!!

sirreene said...

It's been a hellavua ride! Thank God I love roller coasters!

Hliza said...

Hi butterfly,

I'm new in blogging and happened to land in yr blog out of curiosity. Love the poem. To me it's really amazing to uncover what life has in store for us.. things just happen.

Kuan Gung said...

Many lessons indeed...we chose whetehr to listen or wander...great stuff...thank you