Wednesday, July 5, 2006

Been Busy

So it has been a busy, long weekend. I'm not even sure where to begin. So here is a list:
  • hanging out at the water park
  • renting movies
  • catching up with friends
  • going to my little man's t-ball game
  • riding my bike
  • painting the foyer
  • taking naps
  • volunteering at church (my Sunday to teach)
  • celebrating Independence Day at church entertained by Phil Driscoll
  • scrapbooking
  • exercising
  • watching the parade
  • spending time with parents
  • enjoying fireworks
  • reading
  • walking around the neighborhood
  • visiting the library
  • feeding the ducks

I think I am all caught up on my blog roll. Thank goodness for blogrolling.


luxlucisvita said...

Am glad you seemed to have had a grand sweet time to relax!...Miss reading up here...hopefully..I'll be settled by next week and get back to regular blog reading!...Thanks for the encouragement!...Have a great day and stay sweet!

Bar Bar A said...

you sure have been busy! Sounds like a very well rounded weekend! Good for you for making time for all the things that are most important!

Diego said...

You did not set aside anytime to be bored?... Man, you have lots of energy.

Sicilian said...

Ohhhhhhh. . . I need to update mine too. May borrow your idea.
Glad you did not have time to be bored.

Eduardo said...

I echo your opinion of blogroll. I use that feature that re-orders the list each time someone posts, so that their name rides to the top and all I have to do is click on the first five or so blogs a day to see the "new" stuff.

SJ said...

Did you just add "napping" as way of being busy?

I am glad that it was a good kind of busy.

Sue said...

Wow, busy or what?!

Blogrolling is great but be careful - i recently added some blogs and then noticed that they weren't posting anything new. I thought they were taking time out and then eventually it dawned on me that I had hit the blogroll it when i had the comments open and it had blogrolled it to that page - does that make any sense lol See, I can make even the simple things difficult!

Andrea said...

WOW you're a busy lady

I know how that goes tho.........

butterflygirl said...

Eduardo: thanks to you I blogroll.

SJ: my napping took time, so therefore I was busy.

mid-life: makes sense, you must have did it after one of those long runs, or actually maybe after a swim in the pool!! LOL

Da Gal said...

look at you fancy pants with music and pictures now and everything. You are gliding on ahead in the blog world and it's wonderful to see.

Sounds like you've been busy and are enjoying life. That is a true pleasure to see. Keep on expanding those wings!

Hannelie said...

That's a nice idea to actually write things down, we don't realise how busy we are as mums are.
I just got Blogrolling's link from a friend and are going to try it too! Hope I get it to work.

Frema said...

I'm still not quite sure how blogrolling works. On your site, I see that they're alphabetized, but on others I see no method to the organization of links. Any insights?