Thursday, June 1, 2006

Time to Slow Down

June 1st. Can you believe that the year 2006 is just about half way through? Kate had an astrology spot I visited today. I normally don't read my horoscope, however I visited the site she linked.

Running around, seeing people and doing things helps the time go by quickly, but why are you in such a rush? Take time to stop and smell the roses. There are things you may be missing out on, and a close relationship needs your attention. Make a lunch or dinner date and make up for some lost time. Despite what you think, your schedule can definitely be rearranged to free up all the time you'll need.

Is it finally time to slow down? My life has seem like it has been on the go for a couple of years now. It is all such a blur. Running here, going there, appointment scheduled, engagement time, class now, lessons later, practice soon, game am, etc.--will it ever end? Am I finally able to smell the roses in my new home as my new life grows? If so, I am totally looking forward to it. As a person who believes in living each day to the fullest the slowing of time definitely helps achieve that goal.


LZ Blogger said...

You know it seems as though everyone just wants things to SLOW DOWN a bit lately! ME TOO! ~ jb///

Tiffanie said...

That sounds like a horoscope we ALL could use!

DayByDay4-2Day said...

My life has been in that slow down mode lately... Unfortunately I know the up will be coming again very soon! Enjoy while you can.

Tab said...

Cha! That means slowing down and smelling the roses not the fresh laundry outta the
Buy yourself a cool new cd too while your at it or something you would get some fresh enjoyment from.
I hope you have great weekend :)
Thanks for sharing Butterflygirl.

Sambo V. said...

It always seems as there's something going on. I guess the key is to just take one thing at a time. That's some good advice that I myself should take.

You should read "Grasshopper on the Road". It's a kids book but with a great message for all ages. Your little guy might like it. ;)