Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Year of Change

As I was going through my divorce and seeing my therapist at least twice a month, she told me that women at the age of 32 go through changes. At that time in my life I was in the middle of a divorce, getting a grip in a new school, changing religions, dealing with weight gain, in the process of purchasing my own home, and so on. As my life continues to change-for the better-I have now had to deal with medical concerns.

First was the chloresterol screening I had done back in November. Due to family history on my mother's side of cardiovascular disease and me being a "single mom" I wanted to make sure I was okay. It had been a year since the last check so I just wanted to be safe. The results came and my Total was 241, not to mention my LDL was 140's. For those of you unfamilar with these numbers...not good.

I made the appointment at the University of Chicago-I just believe they are at the forefront of medicine. (Tab, check out that link).

I have the stress test done. The doctor calls the same evening to let me know that my heart is good. He also informs me that my mother should come with me to my next appointment. Apparently I have some genetic disorder.

Next was the blood pressure. Seeing that both my parents take medication, it was only time in waiting before I needed to do so. That time came this past January. Just for recollection it was 170/108 the day I had to leave school. Atennol has done wonders.

Then was the weight. I rejoined LA Weightloss , since I never completed my program, and I am down pounds and inches.

So today it was back to the University of Chicago. My father glady came over to watch my little man as my mother and I headed off to the hospital. Upon arriving at the hospital we have our blood drawn. Each of us are in separate rooms as we wait for the doctor. To make a long story short, my levels were down only a little, however way too high for someone my age. Total was 202, LDL was 139. Still not good. Also, since I have that genetic disorder, lipoprotein(a), which not all hospitals test for-I basically need medication.

He asks me to make a decision of whether or not I want him to treat me for my condition or have my family doctor do so. Hello? You are the doctor who found the biochemical make-up of HDL, good chloresterol, not to mention all the other extensive research you've done on lipid disorders. With a smile, he fills out a prescription and gives me at least three months worth of samples. He also says what a good decision I made in coming to Univeristy of Chicago as I mentioned above, not all hospitals perform that test.

The doctor along with my mother and I discuss our issues. My mother's chloresterol is under control, yet she has been on meds for some time now. 300 down to 180, yet I still worry about her. Her next step is a stress test so her heart can be looked at. She will be doing that on Good Friday. little man. Since I have this gene, it is highly possible that he does too. The doctor does not need to see him as a patient, he only (with of course me bringing it up) suggests conducting the labs to see if he is indeed carrying lipoprotein(a).

I go back in four months and we'll see how well this medicine is going to work.


kate said...

My hdl(my LDL and ratio were good though) was really high but they chose not to medicate me... I think perhaps I do need a second opinion.

I think it is great to get all this checked out and look at it this way (I view this year for me this way too) This is going to be a year of challenges and changes anyway... get as many of them out of the way so that next year will be a breeze.

cheers! K

Tab said...

((HUGS))Butterflygirl, you rock!
Its tough facing stuff as we get older isn't it.Be nice just to stay in our jammies watching Saturday morning cartoons but alas
there are so totally awesome reasons to enjoy being an adult!
(woohoo!) LOL
You are so lucky to have had the health care available to discover your disorder!Hopefully you can stick to the meds and the health regime to keep living well.
Thanks for sharing~

Sambo V. said...

I'll be thinking of you Butterfly Girl. Stay optimistic and know you're being prayed for.

Sober Chick said...

Hi Butterfly, thanx for stopping in at my blog. I have seen you around and was checking out your blog. Whoa, lots going on medically. It is great that you are facing it and seeking answers. Sometimes not knowing what is going on medically, the "what I don't know can't hurt me," is the easier but more harmful route. Knowing the truth can be scary, but knowing truth one can make thr right decisions.

Cool Beans, see u around Butterfly!

Tab said...

Hey Butterfly Momma,
have a fab weekend :)

auntie betty said...

Your wings have really expanded. As Tab said, Your rock!

DayByDay4-2Day said...

Over 35 is so true . I was fine until then. Now it's always one thing or another. Hang in there it take time.