Wednesday, January 4, 2006

University of Chicago

On this wonderful rainy morning I ventured out to the University of Chicago. First of all, let me say that it was my choice to go up there. Back in November I had some blood work done and my numbers for total chloresterol and bad chloresterol were high. Since heart disease, high blood pressure, and thyroid problems run in the family I decided I needed to do something.

Of course I began with praying as well as getting annointings from the elders at church. I had to stop and think what was His plan. Now this is where the problems usually begin, we think too much about what He has planned for us, not how to use these as signs. Anyways, I couldn't imagine not being able to see my little man grow up. Also, there was no way that I was going to let him be raised by someone else, although I'm sure Number Twelve as well as his daycare provider, who I will call, Tinkerbell, would take care of him in a flash.

So I begin to exercise. I call the University of Chicago and make an appointment with a Cardiologist who specializes in lipid profiles. In fact, he is the one who found good chloresterol! In the meantime my happy pill gets a dosage lift (I wasn't even at the minimum dosage yet) and I decide to take it easy, trying not to get too stressed.

Finally the day arrives. In fact, it is the first day back to school after vacation so I actually have an extra day to relax! I leave my house at 6:10 am, take my little man to Tinkerbell's, and head off to Chicago. I am listening to my new CD by Jamie Foxx-Unpredictable. I just fell in love with him while he was on Oprah. By the time I park in the garage, walk over to the building, and go up the elevator to the correct floor it is 7:09. Doing good. I go and wait to have some lab work done. I didn't even feel the needle. About 7:50 and I go with the nurse who takes down all of my history. After waiting to see the doctor, who basically asks me all of the same history questions, and looking at the results from my bloodwork he concludes the following:
  1. High total chloresterol, although it did go down since November
  2. High bad chloresterol, and that went down too
  3. I'm overweight, not to be condenscending, but obese
  4. Family History
  5. Thyroid Issues


  1. Change diet and exercise-limit carbs he says
  2. Check thyroid today before leaving
  3. Get a stress test before seeing him again
  4. Buy a machine to take my blood pressure morning and night
  5. Come back in three months at least 10 pounds lighter

"Do you have will power?" he asks, "because there is no pill for that". He truly saw in my face that I was hoping that he would just prescribe to me the medicine I needed so that I could be on my merry way. He tells me that we have to try the diet and exercise first. He assures me that my levels are definitely too high at my age, however so is my weight.

(You mean I have to lose my J-Lo ass? No matter how much I lose, it will still be there-it always has.)

As disappointed as I am that I'm not getting any medicine today I realize a few things...

  1. Prayer works if you have faith
  2. I do need to lose weight
  3. My eating habits need to improve
  4. I will have to fight this the rest of my life especially since it is in my genes

I wanted to make sure before I left that I was okay to leave without that RX. I said, "I'm not going to be like the lady in the commercial that is walking and falls flat on her face before I see you again, am I?". The doctor assures me of the excellent facility and reputation that the University of Chicago has and that diet and exercise will help lower all numbers. However he is not done with me. There is still more to do-his dispositions.

But wait! After consulting with the doctor I go and get more bloodwork done and leave not knowing where my thyroid levels are. If my thyroid is low then that is making my chlerosterol high amongst other things.

So I will continue to pray, eat better, and exercise more consistently. Let's see what happens in three months time.


Number Twelve said...

Um, yeah... and next time we out to lunch? I'm SOOOOO not going to let you eat that basket of fries. Because I love you that damn much!

butterflygirl said...

That was for good times sake.

Brooke said...

I'll pray for you!

Sambo V. said...

Your writing demonstrates your immense love for "your little man", so I'm sure he is enough motivation to get you going and then keep you going. I won't say good luck, because you have God so you don't need it. You're in my prayers! ;)

Frema said...

I have high cholesterol (bad and total), so I understand part of where you're coming from. And I could also stand to lose a good 10 to 15 pounds. We can all motivate each other. :)

Also, Number Twelve said just today that watching the documentary Supersize Me is a surefire way to negate fried and fatty foods from your life. I think I might give it a try.

auntie betty said...

Oh My, no fries. I would of said the test was broke.Lets see I need to lose 50 pounds. Now what show do I need to watch?