Friday, March 10, 2006

Weekend Part I

One party down, another one to go.

My little man attended a birthday party for one of his friends from Tinkerbell's daycare. It was held at a place similar to Chuck E Cheese however there were less people, the pizza was better, and people were actually polite.

My little man and his birthday friend.

Yummy pizza!

Besides the fact that my little man had a fabulous time tonight as I did as well, we are both extremely exhausted. I had so much fun that I ended up buying an additional $10 in tokens to help my little guy earn tickets.

Check me out!

I'm a pro.

Playing a Star Wars video game.

I'm concentrating.


Tab said...

an extra ten bucks on the tokens means they get that much more fun!
(you can just knock it off his college fund..hahah..just kidding)
Sounds like a busy weekend..enjoy.
Thanks for sharing~

Number Twelve said...

How much fun!!! Great pix!