Wednesday, March 8, 2006


Okay I must vent.

The father of my little man called and left a message today, about 6:00 pm, that he isn't going to be able to see his son tomorrow because he has had some kind of classes for work. Am I missing something here? Did he not know this information when I saw him on Sunday as we exchanged our child in the parking lot of a grocery store?

Of course he wants to make up the day. When he inquires about Friday, I inform him that my little man has a birthday party to attend. So of course he asks about Saturday. Sorry, but he has another birthday party at noon. Then he asks about Saturday evening. I tell him I will call him after the party because it is actually a "movie" party.

I hang up the phone and it hits me. Now wait a minute. It is okay for him to mess up my plans. I already had scheduled an appointment for the evening that my little man was suppose to be with him. I kept my little man out late today (didn't get home until 8:35) so he could be the one to pick out the birthday presents for his friend and cousin. My little man ate salami for dinner as I grocery shopped (he had salad and a banana when he got home).

Prior to this message, I had already gone through what the day was going to be like tomorrow. Then I have to tell my little man he isn't going to see daddy. Even worse I tell him that he will see daddy after his cousin's party on Saturday.

Isn't there a give at least 24 hour notice rule? How about just being considerate? Oh wait, I'm sorry, when you have money being taken out of your check that is used to support your child that means you can do whatever you want. Let's rethink this.


Tab said...

Hopefully this isn't going to be a regular thing for your little man to have to deal with.
Its tough co-parenting.
Do your best , one day at a time:)
Thanks for sharing

Sambo V. said...

Hang in there Butterfly girl. I love venting, it really helps.