Saturday, March 11, 2006

Weekend Part II

Number Twelve and I in her new home!

My little man and I were invited to breakfast this morning to Number Twelve's new home. Our friendship, which has been fifteen years plus, makes us family. It is great to know that my little man said her home was perfect and wanted us to spend the night tomorrow. He as well as the girls enjoyed playing all over the house inside and out!

Me and my little man.

Number Twelve has a faboulous new home. I gave my input along with her mother-in-law of what I would do first, what I would leave as is, what colors for paint, etc. I'm sure once we all left and her and Smooch Dog put the girls down their list changed once more. Although they have now moved five miles away and closer to my ex-husband I plan on being there as usual.

Smooch Dog with all of his girls at their new home!

After the excitement of visiting a new home we headed over to another birthday party. This one was a family function. Although my little man looked like he was about to pass out do to tiredness; he made it through the meal, cake, opening presents, and a movie.

We plan on being back to Number Twelve's tomorrow to see the appliances. I can't wait to hear the list of changes.


Number Twelve said...

Seeing you write these words and show these pix have made me tear... my shirt says it all, honey. Te Amo. Fifteen years plus, huh? You and my MIL cracked me up with the decorating advice this morning. You're so cute I can't stand it! See you manana.

Number Twelve said...

Great pix too, by the way!