Thursday, March 2, 2006

Sticky Fingers Continued

Did I leave you all hanging? To continue...

I was in shock when I looked at my little man as he was putting the Hubba Bubba Tape Gum in his pocket.

I told him to take it out of his pocket. Put it back. Did he want the clerk to call the police? I went on that we probably should be going to church tonight. That I probably should tell the Pastor.

Before paying I searched his coat pockets again to make sure all was clear.

As we went to the car, I told him that in the future maybe I should be going shopping by myself. He definitely wasn't happy with that. I got in the car and called my parents. My dad talked to my little man who then apologized.

When we pulled up to the house I explained that the puzzle he has of Moses holding the rocks, The Ten Commandments, it says not to steal. God does not want you to steal. That is what you were doing.


Number Twelve said...

too funny!!!!

Lacey said...

Sounds like an adventure. You handled it well. While student teaching, we let the kids have show and tell on Fridays. This one little girl didn't have anything to share except that her little sister had a habit of stealing candy from the grocery store, and trying to make sure kids knew consequences, we asked how her parents reacted and they did NOTHING! They didn't even make her take the candy back to the store! I was blown away at how her parents just thought telling her not to do it would work....the next Friday, she told the class how her sister stole again! I then told her that she already told a similar story and to find something else to talk about. I am such a tough teacher sometimes. ;)

Sambo V. said...

Thanks for the finish. You really handled that one well! ;)