Wednesday, March 1, 2006

A Case of Sticky Fingers

I knew this would happen eventually.
I wasn't prepared for it today.
Nor was I prepared for it to happen at age four.

Yes, we were standing in line for at least fifteen minutes.
Yes, he asked if he could have it.
Yes, I told him no you may not have it.

Then it happened.
God made me look.
That little stinker grabbed it from the display and put it in his coat pocket.


Sambo V. said...

Dun, dun, dun! What did he say after you busted him?!? Kids can be so innocent, yet sneaky at times.

Frema said...

When I was about ten, my mom would send me to the corner store for cigarettes (ahh, those were the days), and I would use the change to buy candy. When I came home, she'd ask if there was any change, and I'd say no. And I was old enough to know better.

Good luck in working things out!

Tab said...

It happens!
What did you do ?