Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentine's Day

I wake up my little man this morning wishing him a Happy Valentine's Day. It took at least 100 more wishes along with kisses and tickles to get him up out of bed. This will be a good day, I think.

After stepping on numerous pink, white, and red sprinkles on the kitchen floor we head out the door rushing as usual. I debated going to work at all due to how I was feeling. Once again having no voice, yet having energy.

Arriving at school I have a gift of chocolates, which come in handy hours later, from my colleague. I then feel totally guilty because I didn't get her a thing, nor a few others, plus I didn't even get or make cards. This is bad, I'm slacking.

After debating with a student about taking his seizure medicine, which he desperately needs and won't take, I was fortunate to see a girlfriend from church in the office. She came to bring me a rose and a card for this "love" holiday--how sweet and what perfect timing. My day has been made, so I think.

After a mishap with a procedure that I did not follow for a conference, which I did not intentionally not follow, all hell broke loose. So there went the day, there went the love, there went the chocolates, there went I have busted my ass, and all for what? So after basically having a meltdown, with tears I might add, I get myself together and go on with the day mentally drained. All I want is my little man so that I can feel appreciated and loved.

I needed to conduct remediation after school for some students, I leave late because I am waiting for a student to be picked up, so I don't make it to my aerobics class. My little man runs out the door from Tinkerbell's, hands me a handsome card with his picture on it, and off to basketball practice we go. Next is the library for story hour, which I enjoy being "entertained".

Having my little man one on one, we go to Schoop's for our Valentine's dinner. Not in the budget, however I needed something for this day. And I have to say this was the most priceless dinner I have had. To order our meal and for my son to say, "Remember you were telling me Happy Valentine's Day to me while I was in bed?...Thanks for bringing me here mom." He holds up his cup and says, "Cheers!"

We come home and I have a card at our door from Number Twelve's girls. I got the one with the raised-dots-isn't it so pretty!

That was my Valentine's Day. My little man was all I needed. A big thank you to all my girls who took care of me on this "love" holiday. I love you all.


Tab said...

what a beautiful post :)

Frema said...

Happy belated Valentine's Day! :)

Lacey said...

Sounds like a great day....glad it ended on a positive note!

Number Twelve said...

You're not a slacker honey... you always do cards and such. Just get that voice back!