Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Open House at Pre-School

The morning of today had been planned for a few weeks now as I was taking a half-day as personal business so I could attend an open house at my little man's pre-school. I did attend open house, however the afternoon was taken off for illness as I went to the doctor knowing once again I had a sinus infection.

Although pre-school doesn't start until 9:00, it took everything from me to drag myself out of bed by 7:30 so I could shower and look better than what I felt. So here I am not really knowing any of the moms since they are all SAHM's and take part in class all the time. As it is I am not feeling well, it's the day after Valentine's Day, and my birthday is just a few days away. Give me a break. Should I be feeling guilty? Yes. No. Maybe. No. No. No. Regardless, I had to tell myself if I was married, I would still be working. I love my job and I get to be a SAHM in the summer.

My little man shows me around and we play some games, do some puzzles, and color. I talk with his teachers, who were glad to see I took time off, and they tell me how well my son is doing. I am rest assured that he is:
  • doing great,
  • is smart,
  • listens, and
  • takes part in discussions (usually the only one).

Of course that is everything I want to hear from the teachers. I am just glad once more that he was able to take part in the summer camp and was able to establish a good rapport with the same teachers prior to pre-school starting. I let the teachers know that I see:

  • an increase in vocabulary,
  • a desire to read and write,
  • use of problem solving skills, and
  • of course, progress.

Clean-up time comes first and they all do so well. I have to admit how impressed I was. Next it is time to say the Pledge of Allegiance, do calendar, and sing some songs. Show and share time followed. Ooops, forgot about that. Luckily, there are enough toys in my car to show and share for two weeks. I definitely do not have the patience to sit with fifteen three to four year-olds during a show and share time. No wonder it is only done once a month!

Showing and sharing Darth Vader and Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Time for a restroom break and I was told by my little man that I needed to be in the girls' line. They were reminded to wash their hands as they were eating snacks next. All the kids sat at the tables hands folded and said grace:

"God is great. God is good. Let us thank Him for our food. Amen."

I chatted with some parents and got the thumbs up that my son is a good boy along with other positive comments. What else were they suppose to say?

It's story time and then swimming. I originally knew we weren't going to participate in swimming because I needed to get to school, but now instead I needed to get to the doctor. Before leaving we check out a book for the literacy program. 11:00 pre-school is over!

Not to take away from the title of this post, but FYI...I was prescribed a Z-pac and hope to be feeling better real soon.


Number Twelve said...

OK, I need to see you both really soon. Miss you... and so proud of your lil' man and YOU! Good day all around.

Frema said...

Sounds like your guy is doing great! Congratulations!