Monday, February 13, 2006

Survived Monday

I started the day with...
  • no voice,
  • a son who said I couldn't drive because I was sick (that was the excuse I gave him yesterday since we didn't leave the house), and
  • dreading today as I had to stay at school until 6:30 due to parent conferences.

God willing I felt better as the day went on. I'm sure the Theraflu helped a little. Now I just need to make it through the rest of the week-yikes!

After coming home from a slow night of conferences, I think I had 5 parents show up, my little man and I made cupcakes to take to Tinkerbell's tomorrow. Hopefully they taste okay, as I miscounted on the eggs. When it was time to frost and decorate them, my little man's job was to put on the sprinkles. I forgot to tell him just on the cupcakes. I guess he figured I still needed to vacuum so getting them on the floor wouldn't matter. Bless his little heart. They may be a little over-sprinkled, but they were done with such love.

Sprinkled with love!

I went through my little man's bag of Valentine's from school. Not many of the kids wrote their names on their own Valentine's. I know they are small to write on, but...nevermind. It figures that the one my little man gave himself was not in his bag. That was the only one he cared about-it was Obi-Wan Kenobi (Star Wars).

I ended the day with...

  • a voice,
  • meeting a person who blogs,
  • making cupcakes for Tinkerbell's
  • checking e-Harmony, and
  • blogging.


Sambo V. said...

Grrr...being sick is no fun. I really hope you feel better soon. That cupccake looks so delicious!!!!

Frema said...

Who was the blogger?

auntie betty said...

How is e-harmony going? when I met my new husband I had no intention of dating for a while, but was open for a new friendships.Nine months later was married and still ten years later. This time around I asked a lot of question before I even considered dating this man.
Life is great and it feels good to trust again.
p.s. I miss doing valetines with the kids,now its invites to their showers and weddings

auntie betty said...

one more thing... just remember you deserve the best and never settle

Tab said...

Happy Valentines day
Thanks for sharing

Number Twelve said...

You and I need to catch up, Butterflygirl. Hope you're feeling better! Hmmmm how sweet that your little man helped with the cupcakes! Hope you still have your voice tomorrow so we can talk.

butterflygirl said...

e-Harmony will be a post soon Auntie Betty!