Friday, February 17, 2006

Show Me the Money

Back in August of last year I knew I was shorted for two child support payments, which was also the same time it was first being garnished from my ex-husband's check. Prior to that he was paying me weekly with a money order. As the months went on and payments became inconsistent I "tried" to talk with my ex. His reply was that it was being taken out of his check and that is that. I told him that I didn't really want to get attorneys involved, but guess what? I had to.

When I made a payment to my attorney in December (yes, I have a new balance now after the divorce) and showed him the history of payments I have received so we sat down. Basically, I have not received at least 6 weeks worth of support. He took care of it so well by writing my ex's attorney a letter and saying that if I did not receive the amount by February 15, 2005 we would be filing a petition in court. Apparently court is the way we are going.

The lack of care or concern the father of my little man has that I have not received money to take care of his child makes me sick. It's all good though, he still has:

  • his house (the one we chose together),
  • his 2001 Avalanche,
  • his namebrand shoes and clothes, and
  • whatever or whomever else he has to "maintain" that causes him to struggle.

He just needs to deal with it. This was the choice he made.

This is also the same man who:

  • doesn't help me pay for pre-school because he doesn't think his son needs it,
  • criticizes me that his son looks "scruffy", and
  • won't let his son go to events that fall on "his weekend".

So tell me, where could it be? He says he doesn't know because it has been taken out of his check. That's his proof. We'll see what the judge says. And yes, I am requesting that my attorney fees be paid.


auntie betty said...

My ex never took the kids, he always had something going on. They still see their dad on certian holidays.I just let my kids call the shot. your little one is still young. Just keep reminding him that dad loves him the best he knows how.
p. s. just enjoy your freedom right now.

butterflygirl said...

Thanks-hope you enjoyed your vacation.

Frema said...

I don't have any experience with this kind of stuff, but good for you for standing up for yourself and your son and demanding that you be paid. You both have every right to that money.