Saturday, February 18, 2006

Happy Day

Today was my little man's last game for the basketball season. As always he played well. Usually on the last game of the season the kids get trophies, however in honor of the Olympics, they were given medals. It was too cool!

Although it is not "my" weekend with my son I was able to spend the day with him today because it was my birthday. I asked my little man where he wanted to go eat for lunch and what movie he wanted to see. He chose to go eat at Cracker Barrel and to go see Curious George.

Oh how he loves to go eat at Cracker Barrel. That is usually a stop after church, however we haven't gone there in quite some time due to $. After putting his name in, first things first, he picked out his toy, an airplane. After being seated, and he actually sat next to me today, he played that peg game. We then did the seek and find in his menu and I then colored his menu as he played with his airplane. He had his usual two pancakes with bacon. Since it was lunch time I actually ordered something off the dinner menu-chicken and rice. Off to the movies.

We arrived at the movie theatre about 45 minutes early. For some reason I must have gotten the time mixed up in my head. He sat so patiently waiting for the movie to begin. We munched on popcorn, yes we had popcorn after just eating lunch, and just talked. I just love talking with him. I want him to know how important it is to communicate.

After the show we headed over to PetSmart. My little man really wants a pet in his "new" home. I left the cat at his dad's house when we moved out. I go back and forth with getting an animal. Part of me wants a cat or a dog, then I don't want either. Luckily we arrived at the end of the adoption time of cats. There were two I could have adopted, but didn't. We looked at the fish, birds, hamsters, and watched a dog get groomed. We then bought a ball for my mom's dog. I am now asking myself why.

Next we headed over to Hobby Lobby. I love walking around that store. After going up and down the scrapbooking aisles a dozen times I chose not to buy anything. I have enough at home that I still need to do.

My little man asked to go to Toys R Us. I told him he was not getting anything. He said okay. He was so good looking around the store and saying maybe he could get this or that another time. Then I, I repeat, I found some Star Wars figures that we have not seen since before Christmas. I, I repeat, I was the one who picked out a figure for my little man to get. I have been on e-bay looking for these. Had it not been for those figures we would have made it out of the store without a bag.

Then I did the boldest thing I have done since June 30, 2005. I took my little man to my old house. His father and I usually meet at a neutral place and I am happy with that. There are too many "other" things on that street. I figured I could do it, it was dark, I might as well go for it.

A happy day it was. My little man made my day happy. Funny thing he got to do all the choosing, picking, and getting today.

FYI...I had pictures, yet I am having trouble with my card. Will post at a later date.


cjaye said...

Hey, it's the middle of the night, I can't sleep, so I thought I'd read your blog...this is Charlene from the school...the English Charlene, not the math Charlene....thought I'd be slightly brave and leave a comment, my blog is filled with insanity, so if you do read it don't think too badly of me...I have to say that it is really remarkable how you make it through those crazy days at work with so much going on in your life...I don't think I could do it if it were me.

auntie betty said...

I forgot to say happy birthday
and you posted again. I am so glad you had a good day.


The anger still sneaks up on me when he makes my daughter cry

auntie betty said...

one more thing. I think you are a doing a wonderful job.

Tab said...

Happy Belated Birthday
***Butterfly girl***
Thanks for sharing

butterflygirl said...

Charlene thanks for leaving a comment!

butterflygirl said...

Good to see you Tab!! Thanks for the wishes!

Frema said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a great day.

Lacey said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!!!

Number Twelve said...

Happy Belated Birthday, and I'm sorry I missed Benny's basketball game. Damn. You are so brave to go down that street, honey... I'm proud of you.