Thursday, February 16, 2006


This posting is dedicated to Auntie Betty.

All my life I have always had some man in my life. During my high school years I dated two guys very seriously. Then I met my ex-husband and I thought I was done with dating forever. Wrong.

Ten years after being married, now being in my thirties, and having a four year-old child where do I start? Do I even want to start? I'm actually pretty content with the way things are now, at least that is what I tell myself. It's difficult to meet people these days. There's too much to worry about. Am I suppose to be asking a 100 questions before "anything" happens?

Joining e-Harmony was a difficult decision for me to make due to the cost. However my feeling was that if other people are in the same boat as I am then they too are making an investment. Does that make sense?

Here are my stats thus far:

During the five months that I have subscribed to e-Harmony, I have been matched with a total of 133 men. Of the 133 matches , 103 of have been closed by myself or the other party for a variety of reasons such as distance, chemistry, and family backgrounds. Believe it or not, some men in Chicago closed the match due to distance. Little do they know that jumping on the skyway I can be there in 35-45 minutes or vice versa...oh well...their loss.

Of my 30 on-going matches, I am communicating with 15. Communication is a four stage process. Depending how often matches log onto their account and answer questions and so forth it can be a couple of weeks before the stage of open communication begins, if it even gets that far.

Currently I have 9 matches on hold which means they are not entirely closed. I put several on hold due to no pictures being posted. Others put me on hold for reasons as taking a break but would like to communicate at a later date. Hey guys...I'm still here.

Finally I have 6 matches that are still considered new. I have not decided what route to go with them yet and apparently they have not decided either.

My life with a man is in God's hands. So whatever happens on e-Harmony happens. There was a reason why I subscribed, it's the waiting that's the hard part.


Number Twelve said...

I'm so glad I'm first to comment. First, thanks for the explanation of how exactly eHarmony works. And, second, I don't like to speak about God's plans for people BUT... I think God is making sure the man that's he's lined up for you is good and ready.

In the meantime... hugs and kisses from me, my girls, Smoochie, and your lil' man will have to do.

Brooke said...

I know a few girls at work who are on eHarmony and they love it. They have not settled down yet with a guy but they enjoy just going out on dates with these guys, and they usually get a free meal :o)

My Mom is on vacation till Saturday afternoon. It is her and my stepdad's 10 year dating anniversary. When she get's back I am sure that she will feel special that you dedicated this entry to her.

auntie betty said...

I just love it. Thank you for keeping me posted. Brooke told you That my husband and I have been together 10 years and married 9. God does have a plan. My new man helped me raise two teenager's. I never received a penny of child support. My new husband always said we got off cheap.I asked for nothing and he had nothing to say with went on in our lives.This way we had full control.Rejection is gods way of protection. You will come to terms with all that house and car stuff. You must forgive him and let go. It is his lost, beleive me.You are too good to waste your angry on some one like that.
I will have more to share some day with you. One day I will visit Di and we will have to have some drinks and we can ex smash. I will be in your part of town in May. Maybe we can meet for a drink.
Hugs and more hugs

butterflygirl said...

Thanks Auntie Betty. Every time I think I have forgiven and let go it just pops right back up. I think it is just his "manerisms".

auntie betty said...

it takes time