Monday, January 2, 2006

Where Has the Time Gone?

What a busy two days it has been.

Saturday, when I last wrote, I was waiting for some of my family to arrive for a luncheon that was planned. All went well as we all ate so much, in fact, too much. My little man got to play with his second-cousin and everyone could hear those words toddlers use so well:

  • "I'm not your freind."
  • "I'm not going to play with you anymore."
  • "I'm not coming to your house anymore."
  • "I'm telling."

It's great how they say those words and then are pals a minute later. Why can't we do that as adults?

My little man and I rang in the new year during service at our church. All was well until he did not get a balloon that fell from the the ceiling at midnight. You see, we had went to church the day before to go help fill up balloons as well as put them in the net for the 2006 celebration. So, my little man at the age of 4, assumed he should get a balloon when they all dropped. Oh was he disappointed. We managed to make it home so we could get seven hours of sleep before our big day in Chicago. Unfortunately, we did miss Number Twelve and Smooch Dog who stopped by to wish us a Happy New Year.

Yesterday my little man and I went to Navy Pier with my father to see Winter WonderFest. My mother was suppose to join us as well, however she was feeling under the weather. We drove to Chicago, parked at Millenium Park, and took a trolley to Navy Pier. My little man had the time of his life. He participated in so many activities and even did them more than once. He definitely got good use of the $12 Gramps put up for the wristband. It was not crowded at all. Last year we went before Christmas and the lines were horrible. Good thing he wasn't interested at the time to do any of the activities. My little man had his eyes shut and was knocked out not long after we got off the trolley.

on the trolley

on the carousel

frog hopper

rocking horse

decorating cookie

finished cookie

So here it is today. My little man just got picked up from his father about an hour ago and I have the day to put all the Christmas decorations away, clean the house/garage, and do whatever it is that I can never do when he is here with me. Number Twelve promised not to call me to coerce me in going shopping. I did tell her it was okay to call so we could have lunch at Panera Bread. My vacation ends tomorrow and then it is back to the "real world". I had so many plans of things I was going to do while I was off, however where did the time go? I do so much better when I am working and "schedule in" what needs to be accomplished. I need that structured routine. That is really scary because now I seem like my students at school. I sometimes wonder if that special ed in them is rubbing off on me.

Off to tackle the garage...then I guess I will try and post the pictures come back!

I came back and fixed the pictures. All I need to do is take down the lights outside and take a hot bath without any interruptions. Only three hours left of freedom!!!


Sambo V. said...

Happy New Year to you! I just took down the Christmas decorations yesterday-I already miss them. ;)

Number Twelve said...

See... I was good. I didn't call once and looks like you got some things accomplished. Such a good time you guys had at Navy Pier. Good for you! Hope you enjoyed that bath. :)

Brookes mom said...

Navy pier is so much fun. It looks like it even has more to do now.I am glad you had a good time. Have a happy New year

Frema said...

I spent quite a few high school and college years working at Navy Pier, selling popcorn, then pretzels, then popcorn again. The pretzels at Pretzelmaker are the best in the whole entire world, and every time I'm in Chicago, I'm slightly tempted to just "stop by" the Pier and get me a salted one with garlic and parmesan cheese. Mmmmmmm.