Saturday, January 7, 2006

Some Catching Up

I figured when I started this whole blogging thing, thanks to Number Twelve, my intentions were to write every day. So I must apologize. I went back to work and had to deal with the ignorance of the mother f***er.

Work has gone well. I had a surprise of a butterfly picture in my folder that is by my classroom door and on the back was written the description of my blog. Thanks JP. I was definitely back in the flow of things no sooner that bell rang at 7:40 for the day to begin. There is less than two weeks and the first semester will be over. This will a stressful time for me as my students who have disabilties will be frantic over taking finals. The tests are comprehensive and half the time they can't even remember what they learned a week before. Learning for them needs to be related to real life situations. For instance, we were discussing compare and contrast. We created a chart, instead of a Venn Diagram (however I showed them both) to compare and contrast the similarities and the differences of high school and middle school.

After doing a chart like this together, I had them make their own. I gave them what two items to compare and I made it relevant to their life. For instance, one student who loves music compared rock versus oldies. Another compared BMX racing versus street cycling. Some of my students compete in several sports so they compared two different ones. I have to say I was so elated to see thier charts. Next we will be putting it into writing. I haven't decided if I'm going to change my usual way-the outline.

So Friday night Number Twelve and I go out to dinner without any children-just ourselves. We enjoyed the evening eating Italian food, drinking martinis and talking-we even talked about Frema's wedding. Number Twelve also helped me with my links on my blog-thanks!

So here it is Saturday...

I sleep in. I wake up about 11:00.

I went and got my underarms waxed today. Now that was a first. Why? I'm not sure-but let's see how long it goes before I shave them. I just hate shaving my armpits. It actually wasn't so bad having hair as I let them grow out for this big day. I treated myself to a manicure while I was at the Salon/Spa.

I verbally talked to someone on the phone from e-Harmony!!!We talked for an hour. He asked if he could call me? You see, I called him first. He gave me his number on e-Harmony.

Hope you all have a great Saturday night whatever you do. I might scrapbook.


Brooke said...

Hopefully there will be a little connection between you and that guy!
Let us know about that arm pit hair. If it last for awhile maybe I'll consider it.

butterflygirl said...

I will definitely keep you posted on the e-Harmony guy as well as my arm pit hair.

Frema said...

The phone date sounds exciting! And I hate shaving my arm pits, too--unless I'm using the Bic razor I got for free at the Sheraton last year. It's the ONLY ONE that completely gets rid of the stubble. Go figure.