Thursday, January 12, 2006

Just a Hit

Remember how I mentioned a few days ago that some drama was going on at school however due to the confidentiality nature of it I couldn't really say what it was? Well, it brewed on yesterday and today it just popped. While breaking up a fight I got socked in the back of my head with a fist. Students are to stop when teachers tell them to and they are not to throw any punches if teachers are trying to break it up. I went and got checked out and all is well. My head aches a little, but I suppose that is to be expected.

Remember I said there is never a dull moment.

FYI: I have been in contact with my e man all week via e-mail and phone. It is nice to talk to someone of the opposite sex who actually is experiencing similar "ex" issues as you.

Thanks to Sambo V for adding me to her links! That meant so much to me!!


Sambo V. said...

I'm sooo sorry to hear about you getting hit in the head. What a little booger! I hope it stopped hurting.

I love reading your blog and thanks to you too for adding me to your list of reads! ;)

Frema said...

Good luck with your e-man!

Number Twelve said...

No 12 was here... yeah yeah... I was going to take a week off from bloggin' but I gotta' have my fix.

Brooke said...

I hope your head aches go away and that you and this e-man get a little closer!

Just wondering how the waxing of the arm pits went. How long did the hair stay away?