Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Health Update Week #1

One week after visiting a cardiologist at the Universiy of Chicago:
  • I have lost 2 pounds.
  • Enrolled in a step aerobic class
  • Exercised 4 out of the past 8 days
  • Changed my diet (at least from my point of view)
  • Taken my blood pressure at least twice daily
  • Made an appointment with a new family physician for my blood pressure issues
  • Enlisted in the Walk Across America at our local YMCA

So I have to say I am proud of what I have started.

I come home from school and there is a message to call my doctor at the U of C. I think okay my thyroid results are back and it is underactive so I will see one of their specialist, need some medicine and gee, I'm thinking, I will lose that weight. WRONG. When I return the call, the doctor actually answers the phone-I was given his direct line-how often does something like that happen? It has never for me. It takes forever just for the nurse to get back to me. So now I'm kinda thinking, oh shit. He informs me my thyroid is fine. Now this is a bigger oh shit because I thought, gee my mom suffers from an underactive thyroid so this clearly must be my problem as well. He goes on to tell me that the "lipoprotein a" in me is abnormal. It is a gene related issue, so I was born with it. After discussing it a little bit and realizing this is most likely coming from my mother since she has high chloresterol and takes medication, the doctor says that it would be in her best interest to be tested for it to make sure she is being properly treated. The kicker is, the test is only done at certain facilities. He tells me she can come in when I come back to see him and have her blood work done then. In the meantime, no need to rush in. I am just to call the office once I have my stress test done.

Wow. What can I say? I called my mom right after talking to the doctor and she is going with me. She wants to make sure she is taking the right medication, better yet, being treated properly.

I believe there was a reason for me going up to the U of C for something that seemed so minor to take care of around here in Northwest Indiana. Once my diagnosis is complete and I am under the care of a physician, my little man will be next to be tested. So I will continue to work on that diet and exercise. I will have an update next week with the results.


auntie betty said...

Good luck with all your test anf keep up the good work. I think everything will be fine.Just try to get some rest and don't over do it.

Number Twelve said...

OK, I apologize about the fries comment a few posts back. I love you Butterflygirl and sounds like you're doing a great job of making sure that Your Little Man has a healthy Mommy.