Sunday, January 15, 2006

All Rested

Here it is Sunday afternoon. I feel good for all of you wondering how I am doing after getting knocked in the head. The whole situation was mentally exhausting.

I spent Friday night relaxing. I was in bed before 10:00. The day was quite hectic as I had to go to the police station to give a statement for the fight that happened on Thursday. I called my union president and spoke with my supervisor (I am contracted out) regarding this whole situation. To make matters worse, another incident took place on Thursday that affected a student who is visually impaired. Neither of the two situations have been dealt with in an appropriate manner. End of discussion.

For those of you who wonder why in the hell did I break up a fight, I will tell you now that I would do it again. By the time someone would have come down to actually do something, both students could have been seriously hurt. I have gone through several trainings in which I am certified to "handle" these types of incidents. The fight should have never occurred had a teacher stopped it when hearing the threats coming from one of the student's mouth. Again, end of discussion.

So I am rested to begin a crazy week of finals. My students will be in a panic that will put me in a frenzy and could even ruin my diet.

Also, I have to give un update on my underarms. So far so good. There is slight hair coming through. Not bad considering I have dark hair. I might have this done regularly.

Have a great week everyone!


Number Twelve said...

Great news on the armpits (sorry I couldn't resist). Glad you're rested and doing OK.

auntie betty said...

how much does it cost to have arm pits done? budget betty

Frema said...

Hope your week goes well. And keep us updated on the underarm hair! I absolutely *hate* shaving that area. It's rarely stubble-free.