Tuesday, December 27, 2005

expanding my wings

I have this tatoo, a butterfly. I can't exactly say I was coerced to get it, however it wasn't exactly my idea either. Anyway, I was in the mist of trying to decide whether I file for separation or whether I file for divorce or do neither.

So a friend of mine and I go to look at tatoos and nothing is catching me except for butterflies. First, all I could think of was Mariah Carey. She went through a divorce, she goes on this butterfly kick, amongst other things. Well, I did the butterfly thing, filed for separation, which then I get served divorce papers, and the drama begins.

Then it totally hits me. The development of a butterfly has different stages. A butterfly with its wings can spread open and fly. It first starts off as a catepillar in a cacoon and turns into this beautiful, yet fragile insect. However it is released and free. I am free to be myself once again...to be just me. Although I may have been fragile a year ago, I am stronger now than ever. Best of all, I am once again the person who I once was-me!

So I have this blog to journal my new experiences as I "expand my wings" in the next phase of my life.


Frema said...

Hi! I'm a big fan of Number Twelve's blog and look forward to reading more about her friends. Happy (Early) New Year!

Number Twelve said...

Fly my butterfly friend... f-l-y! :)

Anonymous said...

I was 35 after a 18 year relationship, the divorce was the hardest thing I ever went through.I had 2 childred and at the time they were in thier early teens. I am with you friend. Just enjoy the freedom and feel the pain and set it free.Life is good after a divorce. Hi I am a blog reading,known as Brookes mom and auntie betty

Number Twelve said...

Brooke's Mom!!! You have had a visit from Brooke's Mom/Auntie Betty!!! Butterfly this woman IS the SH*T.

And... I'm NOT saying this because Auntie Betty told me that she looks forward to reading my blog each morning with her coffee. OK, maybe that's part of the reason. But just part. :)

butterflygirl said...

Thanks Brooke's mom and Auntie Betty! I look forward to your comments.