Monday, December 26, 2005

I Can't Believe I Am Doing This

A friend of mine, Number Twelve, started this blogging thing a few months ago. I became intrigued with it. In fact, I make sure that I check her blog daily. So after some post Christmas shopping with her today, I have dedcided to take the plunge.

All I ask is that you be patient as I get a feel for what I have gotten myself into.


Number Twelve said...

YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am SO glad you're doing this and what a great profile picture. This is going to be so therapeutic for you honey. Had SOOOO much fun with you yesterday.

butterflygirl said...

Thank you!!! Yyou can pass this on to Smooch Dog, I didn't know his address. By the scrapping yet.

jac said...

Curious, I wanted to see your first post.

Don't have the time to see all.