Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Who am I?

I am a...

  • daughter
  • mother
  • teacher
  • friend
  • investor

I am a thirty-something gal who has lived in the mid-west all her life. The oldest of two children, I am blessed that my parents are still alive and well. They have been an intricate part of my life especially within the past two years.

I am a mother to a son who is now four. As of this fall, my little man started pre-school. He absolutely loves it and can't wait to do his homework. My little man is also involved with the pre-school sports at our local YMCA which include basketball, soccer, and t-ball. He is the man of my life.

I have a Bachelors degree in Elementary Education with minors in English as a Second Language and Special Education. I also have my Masters degree in Education. I started working on my principal/administration license however that is when things weren't going so great in my life so I decided to take a break. Currently, I teach in a high school setting to students who have learning disabilities, mild mental handicaps, visual impairments, and emotional disabilities. This is my second year in the high school. Previously, I taught special education at the elementary level for five years.

A friend to many. I feel that I am thoughful and giving to those close to me. It has been difficult this last year to be on that other side of friendship when you have to ask for things. But you know what, that is what friendship is all about.

Although I was born and raised Catholic, I am now an active member of a non-denominational church I attend. I am an investor in the children's ministry program as well. It is by God's gift to me of strength, courage, and wisdom that I have "expanded my wings".

In 1994 I fell deeply in love with whom I thought was my soul mate. Married in 1996. Had a son in 2001. Separated in 2004. Divorced in 2005. Now I am a single, divorced parent trying her damn best to raise her son with the morals, values, and beliefs I was raised by.


Number Twelve said...

"Who are you?" One of my closest, nearest, and dearest friends. I love you and am so proud of you, and your little man.

Frema said...

It sounds like you've had a lot to deal with in a very short timespan. Glad to hear that you've come out on top.

Your job sounds interesting. Will you ever go back for your principal's license?

Sambo V. said...

You're a strong woman!

butterflygirl said...

Frema-who knows what I will do next. I'm actually thinking about counseling.

Sambo V.-thanks for the compliment!