Monday, September 7, 2009

The Official End of Summer

Summer was over for me when I went back to school August 17th. I must admit, I envy those schools who start after Labor Day. It officially felt like the end of summer today as the little guy and I enjoyed our last time at the waterpark for the 2009 season. And oh, how I have missed it.

We are both into the swing of things with school. For someone being in the 2nd grade he sure keeps up with getting his homework done at school. It makes it easy for me to just check it each night and only worry about reading, spelling, and memory verse.

Football is going well too. We haven't won a game yet, however each week I see growth. The little guy got the wind knocked out of him Saturday-poor thing-but you should have seen the hit he made prior to him losing his air. Actually, you only needed to hear it. Hopefully he will be able to get some running time with the ball. He's had a hard time accepting a different position this year and not being in the spotlight. I think it is all good-learning and having fun-I'm definitely in the game.

I've been reading your blogs...not always commenting...but I know what's going on. Stay close~flygirl~


~ Tabitha ~ said...

Happy almost Fall..New school year!

jennifer said...

My son watched college football this weekend and decided he wasn't interested in playing anymore LOL! All that hitting just wasn't for him he said and he will stick with baseball.

I wish we started back after Labor Day too. I don't like the heat of summer but I miss the time with my kids!

Have a great week!

Helene said...

happy beginning of fall! I for one would like to have a go at summer again! It went by way to fast!!

Retro Girl said...

Love the new layout for your blog! :-)

It's sad to see summer go...but nice that we're still having pretty decent weather. (Am dreading winter already!)

Good luck to the little guy with Football! Hope he has an awesome season!

Trudging said...

A second grader doing homework without being ask...Wow. Thnaks for welcoming me back