Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Well It's Wednesday

Things have been going really well this past week. I am caught up on blog reading-sorry if I didn't leave a comment-but you all know how that goes. The second semester at school is moving along smoothly. Now if I could just get over this cold. I wake up without a voice and go to bed without a voice. I am a true believer in Vicks and also using a vaporizer, however tonight I have given up both. Yes, it is laziness. I am in bed already, not wanting to fill the vaporizer and I have nice clean pajamas that smell wonderful. I'm sure I will regret it in the morning, but I will take full responsibility.

The little guy is back into his routine here at home. It can be a struggle at times to adjust from one household to the other. He often lacks sleep which he catches up on by the end of the week. Grrr, it can be so frustrating. I scheduled his half birthday party. I never had a party for him when he turned 7 due to football commitments, school starting, and visits with his dad. He is so excited! Keep following for more updates/pictures.


jennifer said...

Vicks is AWESOME.

Hope you get over your cold soon.

Art said...

I hope you feel better soon!

Java said...

Same here, grew up with good old Vicks in the household.

Sicilian said...

I love Vicks. . . . I always have it in my house. . . . when I am sick everything smells like it.
Get well soon, and enjoy your little man.

Retro Girl said...

Hope you get better soon! Colds can really take it outta ya...get plenty of rest!

Hope your little guy has a happy half-Bday!