Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Recap, How About Some More?

I hosted Christmas dinner this year since my parent's house is in clutter as my father has built the kitchen cabinets and is now in the process of staining. I have a small family and this year we went the easy way. My sister-in-law purchased a ham, my brother fried some chicken, and my mom baked some wings. I made the green bean casserole, my mom handled the mashed potatoes, Heavenly Ham supplied the mac and cheese, and unfortunately the yams were from the can. My brother decided to use flavored bread crumbs for the chicken and to my mom and I it tasted like fish. My brother gave my mom a recipe for some sauce for dipping the wings and she used it as a marinade-thank goodness for Sweet Baby Rays. In addition to all the disaster that was occurring, my mom forgot about the rolls and by forget, I mean she forgot to take them out of the freezer to let rise. Good thing I purchased some Hawaiian Rolls on my fourth trip to the grocery store a couple of days prior. All in all, we enjoyed our eats.

Leave it to my brother to want to open all of the little man's Wii games. By all, we're talking a total of eight: Mario Kart, Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games, Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party, Lego Batman, Guitar Hero World Tour Band, Wii Music, Family Party: 30 Great Games, and Namco Museum Remix. (The last three listed were from my brother.) Hours later, the little guy asked when they (his aunt & uncle) were going to leave. I think he just wanted some mommy time. My brother got the hint and left. That left me with the little guy playing Mario Kart and Lego Batman until 1AM. I couldn't believe the little guy was still hanging on.

My brother and I surprised my parents with a GPS. My brother told my mom at Thanksgiving that he wanted to get his wife one and saw a great deal on Costco's website. Since I let me membership lapse when I divorced and my brother does not have one, my mom ordered it for him, had it delivered to her house, and she even opened it up to check it out. One day she gave it to me so I could take it to my brother. I remember her saying how she wanted to get her and my father one (if only she had listened to me and got one in her car at the time of purchase). Needless to say, they were excited and thankful.


Lee said...

Sounds lovely.

My kids wanted to get me a reverse GPS - it takes me out into the bush and leaves me.

sincerelykate said...

sounds nice.

thanks for the beautiful card!


SJ said...

Nice to get together with the family every now and then. Of course as your son knows sometimes it's time for them to leave :)

Leigh said...

OOOOO! Been wanting a GPS to use in Geocaching. SOUnds like a great Christmas!

HLiza said...

I'm so so outdated..can't even imagine what's GPS or Wii games..Nice to hear about all the yummy stuffs in the kitchen..(now that makes me hungry and it's 3am here!)

Art said...

Sounds great. My son got a Nintendo DS from Santa and he can't stand being away from it for a minute!

Sicilian said...

I am glad you are not as addicted to Wii as Mii. . . . :)