Sunday, September 28, 2008

All Alone

The struggle of being a single parent has been weighing me down lately. Struggles that make me wonder if I can continue to do this on my own. Why is it getting tougher and not easier? The pain I feel for what that little guy has gone and will continue to go through breaks my heart. It was a rough weekend for him, so it will be a rough week for me. Grrr.


SJ said...

Let me grrrrr with you.

Lee said...

I can not imagine how difficult it must be for you but, like most things, if you take it bit at a time, you will get through it.

KT said...

just do the best you can. at least your little guy has one great parent. that counts for more than you know. remember that.

hang in there babe. i'm sending you hugs.

Sicilian said...

I would like to tell you it would get better, but you and I both know it won't. I do notice that my girls get mad at their dad, but then they get glad. I try to not get involved because I stay mad and they all get over it.
I would try to keep smiling and not say negative things about his dad in front of him.

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

I hear you...I really do. One thing I learned from raising my boy alone is that all the times he had too go through a rough time (like you described) it will be harder on you than on him. I don't know if that helps any....He knows he's got a mom who loves him and will always be there for him, that's what's most important.

It a roller coaster ride - it will get easier, but then it will get harder again. But you'll be ok. Just keep sharing and reaching out when you need to....we shouldn't try to do it alone!

Java said...

I agree with Lee, and just love love love. Don't ever feel guilty although it's so so easy to do. Some kids are more unhappy in married houses, just remember that, they'll see a dad hit mum, come home drunk or what ever. You must belief you did the right thing and work from there. Make every day a champion day, and you did just that! Your instinct will guide you more than what you know.
Good luck!