Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April is Here

With the countdown on the way, the week has been good so far. Granted, it has only been two days, but I am still feeling "fresh". The little man went to see the play Charlotte's Web today at one of the local universities. He was lucky to have his Gramps join him. Next week is his turn to be on spring break.

Baseball has already started. We're hoping for some dry and warmer weather. The kids have only been able to get in one practice. Detroit Tigers is the lucky team this year. Little League has changed some of the rules, so we'll see how it goes. Nevertheless, I'm sure it will be a great season. Opening day is April 19th.

Will the peeps below contact me? I don't have your e-mail and would like it if possible. My contact information can be found through my profile.
Rake, RoadRunner, Poptart, Katy, Lux, Gina, The Thinker


Art said...

Hard to believe it's April already, isn't it? Time flies!

Java said...

A play of Charlotte's web sounds fantastic, did he enjoy it?

RoadRunner said...

I dropped you an email. Good luck with little league.