Saturday, March 29, 2008

The End Has Come

Tomorrow is Sunday, that means back to work Monday-spring break will be officially over.
That also means that there is only nine more weeks of school and waterpark here we come.
The week off has been somewhat relaxing. I was able to accomplish some things around the house. I wish I could have done more outside, but the weather just wasn't cooperative enough.
Postings may continue to be sporadic during these next two months and comments may not always be left on your blogs, but so you all know, I am reading.


Sicilian said...

Fly Girl. . . . glad you enjoyed your off time. . . . look forward to your posts.

Art said...

Glad you had a good week. Keep in touch.

Java said...

We will be reading too. Enjoy what ever you do and stay well.

RoadRunner said...

only 9 weeks till summer? How time flys. Enjoy your final weeks at school.

LZ Blogger said...

Well it was nice that you had some time off! I could use some about now myself! It must be nice to be so close to Chicago for you. I would spend more time, it was close to me.

Enjoy your week back at work! ~ jb///

HLiza said...

I do that often now..reading and not commenting..and feeling not guilty. We'll be following you from far. Just have fun!

Enemy of the Republic said...

Tomorrow my son begins all that state testing and I have a conference. I'ts hard to get stuff done, I know. I appreciate it when you visit; you always cheer me up.

Rake said...


here we come


PopTart said...

Waterparks! Yay!

Stace said...

Sometimes I wish I had gone into your profession... with all the breaks and time off, I'm envious. Glad you enjoyed your spring break.