Saturday, February 24, 2007

Where Has the Month Gone?

Wow, the month of February sure has gone by fast. Much sure has happened.

The Bears losing to the Colts. My son was fortunate to receive an official stadium hat (thanks Jevon).

Two snowstorms. One which led to two days off from school!!!

Valentine's Day.

A new haircut.

My birthday.

Off my anxiety/antidepressant pill.

Open house at my son's school.

Basketball practices and games for my little man.

Classes for me...Mondays and Tuesdays.

I miss you all. I hope to get back to some regular blogging. My classes are really taking up a lot of my extra time.


lash505 said...

It's living life on life's terms. I know too with boys and baseball and etc.

Yokooso said...

I just thought I'd let you know it's my husband's birthday this month too and thought I'd let you know I stopped by for a visit...sya

Pato & Pearl said...

hey...the month of your birthday??..HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!...All the best and many happy returns to the year ahead...

Pearl & Pato

DayByDay4-2Day said...

yes it has gone fast hasn't it??

Rex said...

Sounds like you are enjoying life. Your life is filled with blessings and you have much to be grateful for.

Art said...

Well, it was an eventful month even if you weren't blogging! The classes do take up a lot of time but it will be worth it. Hang in there.

Sue said...

I know what you mean, February nearly gone already!

Happy belated Birthday!

Hann said...

You've been flat out busy girl.
Glad to see you around though, we miss your entries too.
Hey, so what about showing us that new hairstyle????
Take care for now.

Sober Chick said...

Glad to see how filled your life is. Your super Mom and doing it all. You are taking care of priorities, and that is something to be encouraged.

Mitch was born and raised in Chicago. One of his best buds is getting married. I forget exactly where, I will let you know. :)

Keep on doing what you are doing.

lushgurl said...

HI friend just stopped in to meet you... what a great post you have, I am looking forward to fuller days to come ,you have inspired me to 'go for it!'

HLiza said...

Had missed you too. But a girl needs to do what she needs to do!

Arz000n said...

Yeah....classes :(

Am gonna go underground real soon now...maybe in next 10 days or so....have few imp things coming up in ma professional life :(

am gonna miss ma blog and blog friends too :((

Layla said...

Hey YOu!! Good to see you. Time does fly doesn't it!

Katy said...

Hey there busy lady!

I've been away from blogging for a few months... Just trying to catch up on my favorite people and YOU are on that list. In the past, you have always been there cheering me on and I really appreciate it.

My new goal is to post at least once every 2 weeks (eeek, we'll see ;O) Keeping current and in contact with all of the wonderful people here helps me to be more aware of myself and keeps my goals in check.

Sounds like you've had a full month... I haven't read all your posts yet but I plan to. Looking forward to hearing more!!!

Oh, and I want to catch up... HAPPY BIRTHDAY! HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!... And I hope your new haircut is FABULOUS!

blow said...

wow.. sounds like it's been quite a month for you!

was drawn to the blog cuz of your name! you might want to visit me and read one of my posts.. :)

Katy said...

Thank you for your kindness... Your warm heart shines through your words!

Have a wonderful day!!! :O)

Eduardo said...

"Extra time" -- What is that stuff?

Calabar Gal said...

March is here girl!!! The year sure is going fast. Update!!!

LADY LUXIE said...

hey there!!..How's everything!..uuuuu..seems busy busy..just dropped bu to flutter a sweet hi..take care!!