Thursday, October 19, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

1. It is Thursday already. I survived my week back at school. Thanks to the get-a-way, I am fortunate enough to still feel refreshed. How could that be?

2. Google's update has messed me up. I need to fix the toolbar so that I can get the spell check button on the toolbar. Does that make sense? Oh wait...I just fixed it!!!

3. This Saturday will be my little man's last soccer and flag football games for the current session. Trophies will be given after the games. Let's hope the rain holds off.

4. Basketball begins in two weeks, it just never stops.

5. It looks as if my little guy has made his decision on his Halloween costume...Anakin Skywalker. He has Jack Sparrow as well, however Star Wars still ranks number one.

6. Haircut appointment is scheduled for tomorrow. I can't wait, it is long overdue.

7. I haven't opened up any bags of Halloween candy, in fact, I have forgotten all about them.

8. I still need to put the whites in the washer. Why am I procrastinating?

9. I was suppose to call Number Twelve. Ooops. Where did the time go?

10. I'm craving some chocolate...there goes the bags of Halloween candy.

11. I need to get my oil changed. Thank goodness it is a Honda.

12. I won't be reading any blogs tonight-sorry.

13. Off to watch Grey's Anatomy and ER. Thursday night has always been my TV night.



Tab said...

oh well let me help you eat that bag of Halloween candies..shove over..what are we watching on tv?
lol..enjoy you night :)

ganga said...'s friday here..
Good to see your thursday thirteen!


Sue said...

Hey, it;s Friday here. Just watched Grey's anatomy - (second season). It just keeps getting better and better.... What season are you on over there?

And, been to the hairdressers today, myself.....

Hliza said...

I so need a haircut too.. but keep procastinating it!

Trudging said...

I really like E.R. last night.

Carly said...

Hope you're having a good weekend, Butterflygirl.

noelle feather said...

Did you love ER? I didn't quite get the fire/explosion, did it NOT come from the old man? It was a malfunction in the OR? And, I'm loving John Stamos, too.

NWJR said...

I keep putting off what I need to put off.

Eventually it will all go away.

Lady Lux said...

yaaah!..I am soo not just giving up!..I've been trying to post my comment here since last!hu!hu!..Blogger keeps eating it up!!..

I just wanted to say I just so wish we could have a cyber camp ov' some sort..I'll bring in the bbq...And I sooo appreciate the lovely pics you've I was there...snooks..I wanna write more..but I should post this

Hannelie said...

Oh you watch Grey's too!! We are addicted to it? Where are you guys up too, I think we are in the second series. We are at the heart transplant part with Izzie? I think next week they all go to a ball or something, they showed a preview and all had nice gowns on?
Are you ahead of us?

Any how, liked your list.
Mmm, had a haircut recently but dentist is waayyyy over due I am actually to scared to go. We have to pay for it and it can be quite expensive, no med fund for us or goverment help like with GP's.
How about there?