Monday, August 7, 2006


We're back!!!

An extra long weekend enjoyed by myself and most definitely my little man. One that was quite difficult for me as I had to overcome constant reminders of past visits that included the "ex".

It was also a weekend of reflection. Here I go again with self-discovery. I'm still trying to process my reflections, wondering if they are good or bad. Is that really possible?

Does it really matter? I think not.

Isn't that what reflection is for? To fix things that need repairing. To adjust things that need fine-tuning. To learn. To gain a better understanding. To accept the truth for what it is and deal with it.

As I reflect, I am reminded of many memories. Memories thought I once thought would be forever. Memories that I once thought should not be forgotten. Memories that I once thought were my life.

Now, here I am once again starting over. Is it making me stronger? I know you are all going to say yes, however it certainly does not feel like it at this particular moment.



muylajuana said...

Dear Butter fly girl,
Reflections helps. Learning to love your self helps. Falling in love with yourself helps. Treasuring who you are helps. Loving yourself so much that you don't allow deceitful people into your life helps. You're on your way. Hang in there. Reflect. Keep a journal. You're doing great.
I send you love and best wishes.

Bar Bar A said...

Just because you don't feel stronger doesn't mean you aren't. Glad you had a nice long weekend!

Hannelie said...

Instructions: Go read comment 1 and 2 again, they said it all!! :)

Sicilian said...

Fly girl . . . I am with you. . . I just experienced the very same thing. . . . . and yes I reflected. . . yes I cried. . . yes I don't feel stronger. . . yes all those things are ok. . . I am going to survive. . . you will surive. . we will be so much better for this experience. It is just hard to see now.

SJ said...

welocme back your return was much awaited.

Tiffanie said...

Hang in there Flygirl.

Hliza said...

I know you'll be strong. You are already without knowing it. Hugs and kisses from me..

Sober Chick said...

Strength comes in so many forms. We are not just given it, more like we have to work at it. This is challenging, and the growth during seems nothing like strength -- healing -- courage and so on. Some day you will be able to reflect on today and see the strength you were/are.

Big Hugs.

Tab said...

Reflections can mean lots of things.
At least your not afraid to look back at where you have come from this far.
Thanks for sharing~

Diego said...

Reflection can be a good thing, just roll with it and see what is and what is not....

Da Gal said...

Hiya flygirl - your post mirrors what's been going on in my world to a degree. I received something wonderful today that helped explain a bit to me and I posted it over at my place. Perhaps you will find comfort in these words too.

Take gentle care, remember as long as you wake up on top of the grass you still have time to grow!