Tuesday, June 27, 2006


As I have entered into this new journey in my life I have one HUGE obstacle in front of me, TRUST. My TRUST I had in others was shattering to my heart. It broke in just one snap. Once TRUST is broken, it is usually difficult to rebuild.

How do we know in life:
  • how to TRUST someone?
  • when to TRUST people?
  • why to TRUST that person?

Through life's experiences, I can honestly say that I cannot answer these questions. Whether it is for love, friendship, workplace, or even family, my TRUST "guard" will always be up. The only person who has your back, is you, yourself. I was told that seven years ago, and I haven't forgotten it (except for the whole love thing, but that is a long story).

What does TRUST mean to you?

For myself, I would have to say that TRUST is:

  • confiding in someone with my innermost thoughts, desires, secrets
  • believing that the person is truthful to not only me, but to themselves as well
  • depending on the individual in any type of situation
  • relying on one to use their judgments in the most appropriate manner

This is a lesson for me so that I am able to answer those questions of TRUST. However I must say, that my TRUST light often flashes with c-a-u-t-i-o-n.



SJ said...

Trust is really tough to find again after losing it once. It isn't easy for me either.

Eduardo said...

Of all of your requirements, I find that asking someone to be honest with themselves is most difficult and the thing I am most afraid of. There are too many people who are afraid to look at what they do and ask themselves why they do it. There are too many people who couch their worst parts in a favorable light.

I figure anyone who can fool themselves can certainly fool me.

But I think time heals this, flygirl. At least I hope it does.

Tiffanie said...

I've thought about that often. I've wondered if being divorced causes this mistrust thing. I have a hard time trusting others and a hard time trusting myself.

It has been slow healing. I am just now starting to feel little pieces of trust and hope lighting up inside me again.

Tiffanie said...
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Tiffanie said...
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Sue said...

I think that out of the 4 points you make, "depending on the individual in any type of situation" is probably my definition of Trust. To be able to rely on someone, to know they are there for you, no matter what, is IMO what Trust is all about.

Tab said...

Trust yourself.Then your intuition can guide you around people to whom you can feel you can trust or not.
Excellent post!
Thanks for sharing ~

Sober Chick said...

Excellent post. For me trusting also means forgiving. I can say that there have been times when I hurt someone that I love, but my intent was not to hurt them. It takes efforts on both parties to build that wall of trust.

This is a very difficult action you face. The great thing is that you are putting it out there and seeking within yourself. You rock!

DayByDay4-2Day said...

I hear yeah! Loud and clear.

Saurabh said...

"He is good to those who are good;
He is also good to those who are not good;
For love is goodness.
He trusts those who are trustworthy;
He also trusts those who are not trustworthy;
For love is trust."

From the Tao Te Ching

Sicilian said...

Fly girl. . . I have been avoiding your post. . . I guess because trust is the hardest thing for me to do right now. . . I really don't know how to do it on my own. . . It is sad because divorce gives you baggage. . . the trust issue is one of the heaviest bags I carry. . . I do hope that time will give me that ability to trust completely again.

Andrea said...

I read your post and it was like reading my own words.

I dont give trust away, truly something that has to be earned and yet the slighest inconsiderate action from another person can shatter it for everyone.

love your blog!


Thomas said...

It is good to remember that every person we meet is sui generis concerning trust.

Bar Bar A said...

I like your definitions of trust. Sometimes I meet someone and red flags go up inside immediately - almost like I have a trust alert. But often it's a matter of getting to know someone and slowly allowing them into your world.

I always tell me son that he has my trust without earning it - but that if he ever LOSES it, he will have to gain it back and even then there will always be the residue of the mistrust.

butterflygirl said...

Due to the technical difficulties I was having with my blog yesterday, diego's comment somehow got lost. Here it is...

Hi girlfriend, "The Truth shall set you free"....so trust in the TRUTH.....This goes for me too....

Hannelie said...

Been there done it! It's hard but sometimes one just have too Trust again and let go from the past and think, well that learned me a lesson, maybe I can take all that knowledge now and try to do it over/better this time.
Good luck!!