Monday, June 26, 2006

A Pet Bird

Okay, so you can't cuddle a bird. Wrestle, well, maybe that is a trainable skill. However, Petey loves to be petted, he especially likes to have the back of his neck rubbed. I never knew how soft feathers of a bird could be. Did I mention that I am suppose to bathe him once a week? It supposedly helps with the dander.

We have spent quite some time getting to know one another. As hard as it was to let Petey be so he could adjust to his new environment, I had to open the cage. Of course he became a jail bird immediately.

The little guy is trying to teach Petey to talk. He has gotten Petey to stand on his hand. Next task for my little man is trying to get Petey to stand on his shoulder. Just wait until the droppings happen to come out when Petey is on him!

My little man insists that Petey likes him more than me. I can handle that. Let's see how long the kid keeps interest in the bird. So far the relationship has been good. Cockatiels are known to be friendly. He was a hand fed bird, so he enjoys eating from our hands! I must say, I get a kick out of it too. So yes, he is already spoiled.

I have cleaned up more seed from my little man than Petey. In fact, Petey has done rather well in that department. I barely have any seed on the floor.

So I have invested approximately the next ten years with Petey. All I have to do is feed him, give him water, bathe him, clean the cage, play with him, and who knows what else. This is a total new experience for me. I hope I survive.



Sicilian said...

I'd say you will have a lot of love for 10 years without ever receiving rejection. . . . careful with ceiling fans and open sliding glass doors. . . .

Tab said...

Bathing a bird?!
Good luck and keep us posted..!
Cats rule...they are so

Bar Bar A said...

I am so glad you and the little man are enjoying Petey, he sounds like a great bird! I hope you can teach him to talk, how cool would that be! Funnys story - my friend has a parrott and learned to talk by listening to the family "yell" back and forth. It says things like "NICOLE! Get downstairs now!"

LZ Blogger said...

I actually had 6 parakeets at one time. Every one was a differnt and beautiful color. But boy could they get noisy!
By the way... thanks for stopping by and seeing my NEW Lazy Look! It is always nice to hear from you and I hope that you enjoyed your visit! ~ jb///

DayByDay4-2Day said...

I know people who have birds either love them or get fed up. Sounds like your gonna keep him.

Eduardo said...

On the shoulder!?!?!?

Those things will take an eye out faster than you can say Jack Robinson. Haven't you ever seen a crow pluck someone's peepers?

This is dangerous indeed.

Lacey said...

We used to have a cockatiel and his name was Pete. He would say "Pretty bird" and "Hello". He also did something that we didn't mean to teach him. He would put his foot up and jibber jsbber into his foot, pausing occasionally. He would do this sometimes when someone was on the was so cute! They're pretty impressionable, so be careful with that. We sure learned our lesson! LOL