Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Let's Take a Poll

Number Twelve, the one who intrigued me into blogging, has decided to turn off her comments.

She is quoted:

"By turning off my comments, I'm able to better focus on my message and not others public responses (I'll fix that email link so you can give me your personal reactions)."

Yada, yada, yada.

In my opinion it doesn't matter if you have 1 or 11 comments. I know you valued what your readers had to say.

So let's take a poll. (Now she is going to kick my ass.)

Should Number Twelve turn ON her comments?
Yes, because butterflygirl hates not being able to leave comments for her oldest and dearest friend.
Yes, because I want to leave comments.
Yes, who cares how many comments are left.
No, let her be.
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Sober Chick said...

LOL, I voted all yes. I don't know #12 but comments are a part of our fantastic community.


Frema said...

Hmmmm. I love when bloggers allow for comments because they can provide fodder for some damn interesting conversation! However, I do the same thing--use the number of comments on a particular post to determine whether or not the entry was successful. I refresh my blog at work about twenty times an hour because I'm THAT OBSESSED. It would probably do me some good to turn off mine, too.

I totally won't, though. :)

SJ said...

I choose #1 :)

Diego said...

Funny......I....have this competitive streak built-in and however haltingly it might be, it seems to be aware of itself in terms which are not clearly understood....this ego feeding streak permeates my entire being and causes irritability, restlesness and discontentment, it short-cicuits my serenity, then my emotional balance goes out of kilter..... this virus is false pride or better yet: ego...confusion is a funtion of the ego so if it don't make sense you know who to blame....I hate it when people try to give me advise ot make comments that seem disingenuous.....

Sicilian said...

I live for the input and insight of others. I need to hear what other people think. . . . I am like frema. . . . I check it all night at work, and then as soon as I get up in the day. . . I am thinking about pictures and quotes and what to post. For me I live to express myself. The comments are what encourage me to write on. . . and on

Tab said...

Blogging is a personal expression and right.However we each want to maintain
it has to be up to us not by feeling obligated towards our blogger buddies/community.
Just my opinion...to each thier own.
Now, I have got to compilment you Butterfly girl on your computer skills!
Having a poll on your blog ...cool!

Number Twelve said...

Got your voicemail Butterfly girl, and you THIS type of entry is one of the many reasons why I love you. A poll on your site, very cool.

Haven't voted yet... and how is driving crazy so much fun? Perhaps with all this trouble I think you've inspired me to compromise. But I guess I have to wait until all the votes are in.

Brilliant, you are.

Number Twelve said...

You got me laughing out loud here by the way and smiling too. You're so fun.

Sue said...

Hey, this is really cool!

I voted No 4.

It's a bit of a rod for your own back, this commenting. If I don't get many comments I think Oh No, no-one interested in what I say BUT that isn't always the case. Sometimes I read a blog and just don't have the time to comment at that precise moment and intend to go back later ....

OR, maybe people aren't interested in what I've got to say - BUT commenting is only a part of blogging - BLOGGING is what it's really all about.

Obviously, I had a lots of time tonight to comment! lol!!

Bar Bar A said...

I voted for number one :)

You, Butter, are a wonderful comment leaver! I always look forward to the ones you leave me!

Tiffanie said...

I for one miss being able to comment on her site. But it also her choice....

Eduardo said...

I voted for doing whatever 'flygirl wants you to. Listen to her!

Thomas said...

I think it is unconstitutional to turn off your comments.

Da Gal said...

I voted... but I voted in a top secret ballot so I can't share my answer with you here. BTW... when I wrote about decisions last week. closing my comments on blogger is one of the things I am thinking about doing. Glad to see I am not the only one who struggles with the amount/type of comments.

BTW... you are a funny funny woman and it's fun to see you and twelve banter on here. You just can't beat a best friend and I better get going since I am meeting mine for dinner in twenty minutes. Ciao