Friday, June 23, 2006

Fun Friday

Wow! Can you believe June is almost over? Where has the time gone? Oh, I remember, I was in a state of depression for about three weeks before I started to enjoy my summer vacation. As I have stated in a prior post, June is a very difficult month for me. I have managed and have been given the strength I needed to be courageous each day.

This week my little man and I took an adventure (it was also a play-date) to the water park. He had so much fun, it convinced me to get the season pass. It will definitely be used. Maybe I can get a tan this summer? Yeah, right. I'm one of the few Puerto Ricans who burn and do not tan, go figure.

I managed to scrapbook several pages. My little guy had reminded me I hadn't done his fall soccer pictures yet. I can thank him for trying to keep me on the ball.

We've been doing lots of reading. One night I stayed up til 3:00 in the morning reading, Can You Keep a Secret? I just couldn't put it down. This is the same author who wrote the shopaholic series books.

Well, I need to get my little man's baseball pants washed for his game tomorrow. Nothing like waiting until the last minute, huh? My reading of my blogroll will have to wait until tomorrow.

Enjoy your weekend~



Eduardo said...

Ahhh baseball... the smell of the glove, the taste of the dust, the feel of the grass... and clean pants. Yes, clean pants are an essential part of the gmae.

Sue said...

Water parks! We love em in our family, probably more so than theme parks. And I can relate to the lack of tanning, I am pale and fair-skinned and NEVER tan, just burn.

SJ said...

Water parks are fun. Have fun!

Sicilian said...

You poor Puerto Rican Chica. . . I have so many Puerto Rican friends. . . some tan some don't. . . all are beautiful. You must share your recipe for Puerto Rican Rice. . . They keep promising to teach this Sicilian, but when????????????
I'll bet you are the best mom cheerleader. . . .enjoy yelling for your little man.

Number Twelve said...

Hmmmm ~flygirl~ I think I like that. Glad you had fun at the water park! :-)