Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Officially one year ago today I became a statistic, a divorcee, a single mother, a dysfunctional family, a failure.


I have become "me" once again. No more manipulation. No more grooming. Okay, so I'm not 100% "me" yet, but I am on my way there.


It may not have seemed like a victory, however my life is being fulfilled. I have my own home, I have my own car, I pay my own bills...things I was told I would never be able to accomplish.

I will overcome anything that is put in front of me. I am a fighter and will strive to make the best of any poor situations.


I have always been a flexible person. Yet, the journey I have been going through has stretched me thin. I will continue to adjust to the changes that occur in my life.

I am strong in what I do and say. I ask God daily to give me the courage I need so that I can act bravely in my actions.


Not only am I encouraged by my family and friends, but I am inspired by His Spirit.

I am determined to be the best parent I can possibly be. I am determined to forget statistics. I am determined to raise a functional family. I am determined to succeed.

And on this 1 year anniversary of my divorce, please give a shout out to Sober Chick who is celebrating her 1 year birthday of sobriety! Happy Birthday to you, SC!!!


The Jackel said...

Congrats on the one year! After my divorce over ten years agao I felt very much the same. And believe me that was no picnic. But you will survive and it gets easier with time.

Sicilian said...

Hip Hip Horayyyyyyyyyyy. I love what you wrote. I would just like to say that I know you feel like a failure. . . . I do to, but sometimes you just deal the cards you got. I can't stand it that I could not make it go. . . . I just keep remembering that it takes two to tango and I am not super woman. You are doing such a great job, and you can reflect on the blessings you have even though it has not been a fun year.
You go girl. . .

Eduardo said...

Four years and counting.

It gets easier every month.

Sambo V. said...

Looks like you are doing very well and I'm so glad to see that Butterfly Girl.

Tab said...

You are just getting started on your journey Butterflygirl and with this most excellent list under your belt,you got lots to look forwards to.
Great to hear you embrace divorce.
I would imagine it hasn't been easy.
You rock!
Thanks for sharing

suzisword said...

hey you awsome ,courageous, strong,powerful,overcomer. you are more than a conqueror, you are and heir of GOD and co-heir with CHRIST, you are holy and dearly loved, you are now a new creation a dwelling place of the most high GOD.and why should we say we cant when our bible says we can do all things through Christ Jesus.you are now living in and through the spirit of GOD and your flesh will submit to you. truely if you stick with the most high GOD you will be living on earth as it is in heaven, only if you know the FULL GOSPEL of JESUS Christ. YOU GO GIRL!!!!! I'L pray for supernatuaral (GOD'S) strenght.

Sue said...

That's a very positive list - well done. I know it must have been a hard year but it sounds like you're becoming a stronger person from your experience. *anniversary hug*

Sober Chick said...

What a beautiful way to look at this. You are screaming GROWTH and this point in your life was a milestone to your freedom. I was raised by a single parent, I saw my mom's strengths and adopted some of them.

Thank you so much for the birthday wishes. I am here today because of the love and support of beautiful survivors as yourself. :)

LZ Blogger said...

Me thinks you may have been a little TOO HARD on yourself at the first part of this post, but the second part shows that you have turned that all around. GREAT ATTITUDE! ~ jb///

Diego said...

hey there teach!.....Congrats on your one year of freedom from the bondage......Your DIVORCE gives me HOPE........Hearing Other Peoples Experience....Stay Well

DayByDay4-2Day said...

failure? Delete that because you are not!

Da Gal said...

You are growing and stretching in ways that are incredible to watch. You are an inspiration, a source of strenth, a woman of beauty and determination. Way to go!

SJ said...

Cool!! I should try to come up with something like this for Single.

luxlucisvita said...

ey' there!...one strong lady!...You girl inspite meeh!....oh...yes...you do!

Bar Bar A said...

I sure do appreciate your positive attitude! I have never been divorced - only for one reason, I never got married! If I had married my son's father I would be divorced today so I just skipped right to the single mom part and bypassed the rest.

You are very victorious and I am inspired by you!!!

kate said...

what is the saying... that which doesnt kill us makes us stronger... I think that through adversity comes growth. It is apparent that you have grown through this experience. Although it is not what you planned to happen, you are going to find happiness on your own and when the time is right I bet you find happiness with a mate as well. All things in good time. I really believe that you need to be mentally ready for that step in order for it not to be a rebound situation...

Anyway what do I know... lol

Happy anniversary!

Number Twelve said...

Well I officially feel like a jerk. I think you were trying to tell me this yesterday and I busy trying to get you to visit.

Nice post Bflygrl... you are beginning to learn how fly.

What a GREAT visit with you and your lil' man.