Thursday, May 4, 2006


In the journey of this new chapter of my "single-mom" life, I face challenges I have never had to face before.

1. Income: my ex-husband paid for everything-except my car payment and daycare. Just the plain fact of knowing there were two incomes in the home made us, which turned into me and my little man, live very comfortable.

2. AM assistance: although I had to ask for the help at least there was someone else in the house to help get the child ready in the morning.

3. Time for me: I may have had to sneak upstairs just to read a book or lay down for a few minutes, but at least I could make my own time whenever someone else was at home.

4. Money: no more nicely done nails, pedicures, shopping, eating out, trips to Chicago, shopping, giving as much to others, shopping, shopping, and shopping.

5. Ex-husband: as my little man's father, he is in the picture for a good 13 more years. I would just like to see my son have a father be an active role in his life, of course in a positive way.


Da Gal said...

Butterflygirl - I am proud of you for naming your challenges. Somehow putting a name to them makes them seem less looming and more managable and acceptable.

(I hate it when ppl do this in my comments so I will refrain other than saying... I can name just as many positives that you probably experience in lieu of the challenges.)

You are a wonderful mom and little man and you are blessed to have one another.

Tab said...

You are already strong and creative in your ways, these just add more zest to the challenges of doing it solo.You also seem to be open for asking for help when need be,so important!You deserve a break too for big people stuff..
Your doing great from what you sound like here Butterflygirl :)
Keep it up~!
Thanks for sharing~

Sambo V. said...

It sounds like a lot of life changes have come your way. You're smart and strong, and you pray-so I'm sure everything will be okay.

I think it's great that you write because like you said before, it really is a good outlet. ;)

SJ said...

I don't have anythig to add to the other strong snd count your blessings.

Have a great weekend too!! BTW I replied to your comment on my "Good Parts" post :)