Saturday, April 22, 2006


While I was looking for my little man's soccer schedule to make sure the correct time of kick off, I came across the April newslestter for school. His share a bug day isn't until the following Monday, so I can scratch that one off my list. Tinkerbell gave me a great idea for a bug--going to the pet store and buying a cricket. Is that cheating?

The soccer game was terrific of course. My little guy got hurt in the beginning, he couldn't shake this one off. It looked like after he fell he got kicked in the face or something. He stayed out the rest of the first half, but re-joined the team in the second half. No pictures due to the fact I forgot to put the card in the camera-duh.

My mom called me this morning. She wanted to use a few of my Costco coupons that expire tomorrow. Great, I might be making that trip after all.

I have gotten two loads of laundry done. About two more to go. Start worrying

I was able to catch up on Oprah episodes. ER episodes were all re-runs so those were easy to go through. As for The View, those might just have to wait for another day.

Although the weather was absolutely beautiful outside I delayed the yardwork today. Maybe tomorrow.

I did experience something freaky today. While I was grocery shopping, the power in the store went off. Not only once, but twice. Luckily I was about done, so I just got out of there.


Da Gal said...

Cheers to you and your productivity. I am about to embark on that myself now that I am done talking to my friend via the net.

I don't think the cricket thing is cheating is it? there aren't rules to how you get the bug are there?

enjoy the rest of your day!

Tab said...

LOL I won't worry but I do hope you at least enjoy some of your own music cranked on the stereo while you are ....
washing,drying ,folding and putting all the clean clothes away!
What is your fave kind of music
that really gets ya groov'in and mov'in?

Sambo V. said...

I once heard about a blackout in the store and some people started stealing like crazy! Glad you got out on time and glad your little guy's okay. ;)