Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Can it Get Any More Fun?

Today, we took on the adventure of flying a kite. Granny bought her one and only grandson a $10 kite. It is one of those nylon kites that has wings that spread over 42".

The new kite.

Of course the day she buys it for him there is not a bit of wind. I had to put it together and let him run around and watch as he tried to make the kite fly. That went well until he ran into the fence. You have to look where you're going was my advice to him. Fortunately, today there was wind-good wind. We, I mean I, got the kite up a few times. It was pretty cold outside, so once the kite made it into the air a few times he was ready to go in.

Up, up, and away!

But wait...we need to get that bug for school.

My bug and worm to share.

I didn't cheat. Thanks to the gound being wet, we were able to find something that I hope stays alive until morning. In addition to the bug, he insisted on a worm too. He named him "George". I'm not sure if he is going to survive.

George the worm.


Tab said...

and George is just a sweet name,
even for a two headed worm!
You rock Butterfly'Mamma!
Thanks for sharing~
ps.I still want to hear what kind of music on the stereo makes you
want to boogie ! LOL

LZ Blogger said...

He should have stuck with the kite. George looks a little snake like! ~ jb///

Sambo V. said...

Kites are so much fun! ;) Congrats on finding a slimy creature for the project. ;) Sounds like your little guy has been having a ball!

SJ said...

Fun times! I have a confession i can't fly a kite :(

Frema said...

I hate bugs with a passion. If my child needed them for school, they'd be sitting on the porch until he/she left the next day.

Sober Chick said...

That is a really cool kite . . . for 10 dollars? What a deal.

Your little man is so adorable. These times are and will be so special in his heart. I love seeing the time you spend with him and sharing it with us. You are a wonderful mom.

Da Gal said...

Looks like a bizzy day for you and lil man. I love watching the world through the eyes of a child. They are full of mystery and suspense.

Hope things went well with george and buggy.