Friday, February 24, 2006

Yes Dad, I Have a Blog

Forty-six blog posts later and I just told my dad, not my mom, that I have a blog. I told him that I hadn't shared this with him yet as I wasn't quite sure if I wanted him to read it. After what I posted yesterday, I still have to wait until I'm ready to share this with him.

We did have a great conversation tonight that included:
  • what is going on with the child support,
  • taxes,
  • my job,
  • my little man,
  • church/religion,
  • e-Harmony,
  • the external hard drive of mine that he put pictures on, and
  • my blog.

I eased my father's mind that what I post here is appropriate. I also let him know that Number Twelve got me started. I told him that I was surprised he knew what a blog was. I guess when you are retired, listen to talk radio, and read the paper daily you have all the time on your hands.


Number Twelve said...

OK, you got more guts than I, my dear... you truly truly do.

Frema said...

I would LOVE for my parents to read my blog. I tell them about it all the time, and they sound interested, but alas, nothing yet.

Sambo V. said...

My husband just gave me blog address to his mom today. He didn't ask me before giving it to her and I was a little nervous about it. Then I though about it, and if someone is really that interested and wants to read the 411 on my life, I'm honored. ;) Like Frema, I think it'd be kinda cool if my own parents read my blog. Fat chance.

whoiam said...

see for a song about downs syndrome