Saturday, February 25, 2006

Is It Really Possible?

Is it really possible to fall in love again?
To trust that the other is not committing a sin.
Is it really possible to communicate in good times and bad?
To resolve conflict and compromise so that I am not sad.
Is it really possible that someone will be honest with me?
To be open and truthful to even be free.
Is it really possible to be loyal every day?
To be appreciated and loved, putting selfishness away.
Is it really possible to be loved by such a man?
To hear those words with kisses and touches, not afraid of who I am.




Number Twelve said...

Yes... don't give up on love, honey.

Frema said...

When I get down on certain parts on my life, I get hope and strength from those who have been able to accomplish what I have not. Draw inspiration from the happy relationships around you, no matter how big or small that number may be, and know true love is possible. Good luck.

cjaye said...

I posted...oh, and your friends are great..they are very comforting...and you, I think, will find someone else, just the fact that you haven't given up and are still open to possibilties creates possibilities

Sambo V. said...

It's out there for you Butterfly friend! Besides the ABUNDANT love you're receiving from "your little man" and your family and friends, there is someone out there who will appreciate you for all the WONDERFUL things you are!!!! ;)