Friday, February 3, 2006

Weekend List

Things to accomplish this weekend:

  1. Clean upstairs loft for desk and filing cabinet parents are bringing over Saturday morning. (They got a new one for themselves, lucky me)
  2. Catch-up with Number Twelve.
  3. Watch my movie from Blockbuster rented last Saturday.
  4. Go through my DVR and fill myself in on Desperate Housewives, Oprah, and The View.
  5. Get my underarms waxed Saturday morning.
  6. See my little man play basketball. Want to go Tinkerbell?
  7. Possibly see Clifford in concert.
  8. Re-organize my home after my parents come over.
  9. Go to Sam's to buy snacks that I sell at school.
  10. Return some things to Kohl's and Target.
  11. Blog
  12. Complete lesson plans.
  13. Blog
  14. Scrapbook
  15. Blog
  16. Go to church.
  17. Do laundry.
  18. Pick up my little man.


Number Twelve said...

Hey, honey! Thanks for the chat!

Frema said...

But you didn't mention anything about blogging! :)