Sunday, February 5, 2006

Weekend Accomplishments

How did I do on my weekend list?

  1. The upstairs loft did cleared out for the desk and filing cabinet my parents brought over. I was also fortunate to get my mother's old vanity as well.
  2. I definitely caught up with Number Twelve, it was great as always.
  3. Watched my movie from Blockbuster, as well as one on HBO.
  4. DVR-I was caught up with Desperate Housewives, watched three episodes of Oprah, and watched one show of The View.
  5. Underarms have been waxed again.
  6. Enjoyed seeing my little man play basketball. He is so awesome!
  7. Clifford didn't happen.
  8. Started to re-organize my house after my parents came over.
  9. Didn't make it to Sam's-planning for Monday.
  10. Didn't make it to Kohl's or Target either-possibly Monday.
  11. Blog-only read others.
  12. Lesson plans-complete.
  13. Blog-nope.
  14. Scrapbook-not.
  15. Blog-only right now, Sunday night.
  16. Didn't make it to church-totally unlike me. I woke up with a migraine although my blood pressure was fine. I ended up sleeping all day until 4:00 pm. I must have needed it.
  17. Laundry-just about done.
  18. Picked up my little man. I let him stay an extra hour with his dad so they could watch half of the Super Bowl.

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