Sunday, January 29, 2006

A Typical Sunday

Sunday morning and my little man and I head off to church. We went to an earlier service so that he could spend extra time with his granny and gramps. That is the typical routine on Sundays; go to church, get some coffee and donuts, then head over to granny's house. Now that Target is close to my parents I save getting my coffee at Starbuck's, my once a week treat.

Today was Big Sunday at our church where our Senior Pastor ministered to the children. The parents were encouraged to join their children. My little man was confused because this was a change from the normal routine. He sat with his peers as I sat with the parents as the Pastor preached.

We headed to Target before my parents, got my coffee fill as my little man got his pretzel and icee. He was in full force mode to be loved by his grandparents. Gramps brought up all the Star Wars legos. Granny gave in to all his requests. I just sat and relaxed watching my parents be grandparents. I surely did not get away with all my little man does, however I am proud to know that he understands limits with them as well as me and everywhere else he goes. After nearly four hours of wearing out granny and gramps we left and my little man was out half way home. After arriving home he walked in the house and laid himself down on the couch and went back to sleep. I'm sure my parents laid down as well, however they probably went down for good. My little man just awoke. We need to read a story now.



I love being a grand mother.
I have 2 more grand babies coming. One in march and one in june. Maybe then I might lose weight. ha ha
p.s. i can't keep up with your blogs. you are very good at keeping us updated daily. I am proud of you, keep up the good work . This will help you get over your anger with that ex mothe$ f#cker. He is not worth your energy. I have been through this before. lIFE WILL BE MUCH BETTER

Number Twelve said...

Ahhhh... family time's the best.

Frema said...

What a wonderful day. I can't wait for the day my parents are grandparents, which translates into, I can't wait to make them grandparents. :)

Sambo V. said...

I love spending days off work with my family. It brings a sense of serenity ( or craziness at times), but I love being with them nevertheless. ;)

butterflygirl said...

Auntie Betty you leave the most promising comments. Thanks!