Monday, January 30, 2006

Blood Pressure

One week ago today my blood pressure was 170/108. Way, way too high. For those of you not familiar with these numbers-I could have had a stroke. As my colleague drove me to the doctor, all I could think about was my little man. Thankfully God had me make it to my new family doctor. My blood pressure actually went down some to 160/100.

Since my appointment wasn't until a few more days and I left school early, I did not have all my readings that I had been taking for the past two weeks (never as high as it was that day). However due to my family history as well as where it was that day, the wonderful doctor gave me a prescription. I was suppose to take one a day, but since my job plays a big role in affecting my stress level, I decided to be proacitve and take two (which I was allowed to do in a week or so).

Seven days later and I have not had any headaches-yes mom, you were probably right, the headaches were most likely related. My blood pressure readings have been in the low 130's or high 120's/88-82. In fact, I took it before coming to Blogger and it was 121/81. Amazing what a difference I have felt such as energy, or even stress within this past week.


Frema said...

How wonderful for you. Here's to hoping that you're able to feel great all the time. :)

Number Twelve said...

Butterflygirl thanks for taking care of yourself... Smoochie, myself and the girls (Dallas too)... we love you soooooo much over here and plan to have you around lil' girl dresses for a long long time.

And although it stings, mothers do know what they're talking about sometimes.

Number Twelve said...

I meant to say to buy lil' girl dresses

Lacey said...

Thanks for the comment. I used to have high blood pressure for the last year or so, and like you mine is hereditary (I get mine from BOTH my parents). I did however get mine down by cutting down my salts and caffeine. Hope the BP medication you are on keeps working, I've heard that a lot of people have to try a couple different ones in order to find the right one for them.