Friday, December 30, 2005

The Man in My Life

I had to share a picture of my little man on my blog so everyone could see who the man in my life is. Born in 2001 he has been my pride and joy. I thank God for him everyday. He is very loved-I'm not a fan of being called spoiled.

My little man started pre-school at our local YMCA this past fall. He goes two mornings a week. Due to his birthdate, he will not enter kindergarten until he is six. I am totally fine with that. Boys are more immature than girls, not to mention all the stress he has had to undergo with his parents divorcing, him having to move to a new home, and probably more. He is doing well though considering all the new transitions.

Back to pre-school. Thankfully for me, I had him attend a summer camp at the Y with the same teachers he has now. One less transition to worry about. Although his father did not "approve" of my little man attending pre-school (that is why he won't pay any money towards it-don't even ask) I have noticed a whole new child. He is more structured, he can write his name and some numbers, he colors in the lines, and I got my first ornament made by him this Christmas.

My little man has also been involved in pre-school sports at the Y such as basketball, t-ball, and soccer. This was not only to keep my little man "busy" while his parents were going through some trials, this was a great way for me to network with NEW people! Through these sports he has learned not only the skills and rules, he has learned how to have good sportmanship.

Finally, doesn't he look like me? Thank goodness!


Number Twelve said...

I am so LOVIN' it that you blog... and there is no denying this little man is yours through and through. Can't wait until you start sharing stories about his funny, quirky sense of humor.

Frema said...

It sounds like your little man has a loving and caring mother who recognizes that young children need to develop interests that can later grow into passions. A girlfriend of mine started ballet at age four and is now preparing to open up her own dance studio. He's a very lucky little boy.